Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which one of the sainik is coming there and says that one man kills Abdullaah. That man is one of us. Ghazi says to Balaji that you are not any miracle man, who are you? Balaji replies that I am  Subedar from Arjungarh or (Tara Rani Saheb’s trust worthy man). My name is Balaji Vishwanath Bhatt.  Ghazi says that you are clever but you are a fool too because you are coming here to win this place alone.

Balaji puts a slave on Ghazi’s neck and then says that I am not a fool man. All sainik’s starts to say “Har Har Mahadev.” Baji screams and thinks that he have to jump downside just to save his mother after to see his mother. Finally,  jumps from there and then gets ready to fight with the crocodiles. After some time, Baji and Radha (Baji’ mother) are getting surrounded by the number of crocodiles. Baji and Radha are getting scared to see so many crocodiles there. But they are all set to deal with them.

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Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Update:

But the situation is getting out of control. Radha is getting scared and says that we will defeat crocodiles by firing a fire here. Baji and Radha are starting to rub two stones just to generate a fire. Finally, Baji fires a stick and then makes them scared. All the crocodiles are running away from there. Radha is getting emotional to see Baji’s efforts to save his mother. Baji hugs her mother and says that I don’t get scared from anyone. Even I am not scared from my death.

Here Ghazi is getting shocked to see that all sainik’s are taking Balaji’s side. Ghazi asks how you did this? You are an ordinary man. Balaji says that I am an ordinary and but the knowledge is such a big thing through which we came to know so many plans, Even we read out from the Ved books that how to change weather and all. The changing weather what you have seen last time. That was not the miracle. That was just a science which we got a knowledge from our Veda’s. Ghazi gets shocked.

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Here Gotia and all children are sitting there outside the Baji’s home. They are crying a lot by saying that we lost our friend Baji. Then how will we live without Baji. Suddenly, a boy is coming there who is against Baji and supports Naseer. He is getting so happy to hear that Baji is no more. After some time, he is going in the field where Baji is coming and he makes him scared a lot. He is getting so scared and thinks that if Baji is dead then how is he coming here. Baji slaps him badly by saying that you did wrong to me by taking Mughal’s side. Baji threatens him very badly and says that Baji is back now. If you will do such type of activity back then I won’t leave you.

Suddenly, Chimna is coming there and says to Baji that baba is coming soon. So we have to go home fast. Baji says that I am so happy this time because baba is coming. Otherwise, I won’t leave you. Here Crow is irritating Radha. She says that you are coming every time, sometimes brings my husband too. Suddenly, Balaji is coming there and hugs Radha. Both are sharing a small lovely moment. Suddenly, Baji, Chimna, and Bihu are coming there. They hugs him. But Balaji is injured. Then he keeps all children apart.

Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Episode:

All family members are getting tensed to see that Balaji is injured. They are asking him again and again that Is he injured more? He says that now but I brought a big gift for Marath’s. They are getting so happy and asks what? Balaji says that I brought Bhairavgarh for you. Radha says you won Bhairavgarh. Wow! It’s nice. How you do this? Balaji tells everything to them. Later Balaji is romancing Radha very nicely.

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