Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017  Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Vishesh says to Gotia to bring water for him now. Baji says that Gotia is your senior. Then, what is the sense to talk to him. Vishesh says that my father told you to take care of me and that’s why you have to bring water for me. Baji is getting shocked to see an attitude of Vishesh. Gotia looks on. Baji says him to do because his father told him to do everything.

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Bihu and Chimna are going outside to face Mughal’s with full power and force. Chimna says to Haidar Ali that if I will defeat you then where will you hide your face? So that’s why my little sister is enough for you. Bihu asks him that didn’t your mother dictate a story to you of an ant and elephant? He replies no. Bihu says that I will do something but you tell me that you will do the same or not? Mughal replies that I will do the same with my open eyes which you will do with close eyes.

Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Mughal’s are doing a bad behavior with Bihu. Suddenly, Radha is coming there and catches their hand by saying that don’t you dare to touch the children of the lioness. She starts to do fight with them and saves Bihu from them. Even though Chimna helps his mother. Haidar Alia calls her weak. Radha is getting angry and then says him to just watch right now. All ladies starts to beat those Mughal men very badly with stick, hunter and all.

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After some time, Vishesh says to Parsi to bring a pure milk for him. Baji is looking irritated but he can do everything whatever Vishesh is saying to them. Here Baadshah is about to getting die but he is talking to his son. He says to Baadshah Salamat that you are doubt on your blood. Baadshah Salamat says that if I killed my own father and brother for this Siyasat then why won’t you do this? You are my blood and that’s why I doubt you.

After this, he asks his on about Balaji that who is he? His son replies that someone calls Balaji as a magician, miracle man, commando, or something else. Everybody calls him as a different man. But all over he is a robot of Tara Rani Saheb. He says to Baadshah that Raje is unable to handle his own properties because he is not so trained and Tara Rani Saheb won’t handle him because he is getting out of control. So that if we will release Shahu ji then he will handle Marathi’s.

Baadshah Salamat says that I thought you were clever but you are such a fool man. If you want to do politics then we will use Shahu ji as the strongest person who will save us from the Marathi. His son replies that no, you are thinking wrong because if we will release out him then he will make Tara Rani Saheb shocked and then he live with her to take ou all secret’s of her. Baadshah Salamat is appreciating him.

Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Gotia is sleeping and Baji is also taking a rest. Vishesh calls Gotia as Motia and makes him wake up by saying that I want to play a game now. Baji says that we are getting  tired. So please let it go. Vishesh says that you made a promise to your dad and now you are saying all this. Baji says ok and thinks that he have to fulfill her promise. They starts to play with Vishesh.

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