Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Radha is talking to Baji about his matter. She says that we don’t do anything wrong with anyone. But when someone do wrong with me then we have to give an answer to him/her. Baji gets happy and says that I will give a solid answer to Naser today.Later Baji is trying to sit over Malhaari (Horse). But he is falling down again and again.

Chimna, Gotiya, and all other friends are talking to each other about Baji and Malhaari. Chimma says I think Baji won’t sit over this but Gotiya says Baji will sit definitely. Here Baji asks Malhaari that why are you doing this? Malhaari goes and stands near to tree. Baji says maybe Malhaari is trying to say that I have to sit over tree first and thne sits over Malhaari.

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Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Update:

Finally, Baji sits over Malhaari. Then Gotiya and Chinma are getting happy to see this. Here Balaji is coming to meet Mr. Khan. He asks may I come inside. Mr. Khan replies that yes you have to come here. Mr. Khan says that I never add my friendship in politics. Balaji says I know you won’t add friendship in politics but you add politics in friendship too. Mr. Khan says that you have to give an answer to Tara Rani Saheb.

Later Mr. Khan says to Balaji that Tara Rani Saheb as thinking that you are a cheap man and that’s why she avoids to meet you. Balaji sits there with Mr. Khan. Balaji start to think something. Mr. Khan says that you are a good player but you have to learn more in this field. Here Baji’s horse is getting out of control. All children are getting scared to see this. Baji is trying hard to control the horse. But all children are hiding themselves from th horse. Suddenly, Malhaari stops. Everybody gets shocked. But Baji shows that she controlled Malhaari. All children are appreciating him.

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Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Episode:

Naser tries hard to beat Baji with hunter. So that Baji’s thread will get tear out and falls down on the floor. Here Tara Rani Saheb will be getting angry from Bala ji’s side and that’s why she will punish him very badly by saying that I will send out behind the bars for 10 years. Apart from this, I will snatch your house, wealth, and everything from you. Bala ji gets shocked and he looks on towards Tara Rani Saheb.

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