Piya Albela Future Story: Rakesh Plans to Kill Pooja, Supriya Flops His Plan

Piya Albela Future Story 2017 Rakesh Plans to Kill Pooja (Sheen Dass), Supriya Flops His Plan on TellySerialUpdates.com

Zee TV  most entertaining and popular show Piya Albela is passing through a difficult time when the Rakesh is planning hard to kill Pooja at any cost. Here we dictate a complete story format like how is he planning for Pooja and why is he trying to kill her? Why is Supriya trying to save Pooja from the killer plan of Rakesh? This is such a big thing because to kill someone is the last revenge from anybody which anybody takes in a very severe situation.

As we are watching Piya Albela show on Zee TV channel in which Pooja and Naren are coming together again. Their love chemistry makes his show full of intimacy and hotness. Pooja and Naren’s couple is such a lovely couple of the show and that’s why Rakesh hates them. But Supriya’s condition is¬†getting worst day by day which makes Pooja worried for her. Pooja does a pray to god to save Supriya’s life.

Piya Albela Future Story 2017: Rakesh Shoots Pooja in the temple:

Pooja thinks that if she will do tapasaya and will do a pooja to god for saving Supriya’s life then she will be getting successful in her plan. So that’s why she starts to do a tapasaya for saving Supriya’s life. Pooja starts her tapasaya and says to god to give Supriya’s life back at any cost. She will do hard pooja because she can do anything to save Supriya’s life at any cost. She starts to do an argument to god to please save Supriya.

As we know that Pooja is the biggest strength of Vyas family and she can do anything to protect family members of this family. So that’s why Rakesh hates her and that’s why he makes a plan to kill Pooja and then Vyas family will be getting alone. Rakesh decides to shoot Pooja in the temple. Here Supriya’s is feeling strong at home and she will go to the temple whereas she saves Pooja’s life from the shooting attack of Rakesh. Stay tuned to us for more updates on Hindi TV Serials Upcoming News 2017.

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