POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which the Abhi is getting faint. Shyra wears gloves and then starts to remove her hand prints from everywhere. After this, she is trying to tie Abhi completely to paste something to her mouth. Later Abhi is coming in conscious state and he looks behind. Shyra says now you will realize that you did a big mistake. Naazneen and Harleen are coming towards the Kishan Ganj area.

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Here Yusuf bhai is calling Afreen outside the room. Here Afreen’s brother is calling Afreen outside. She asks what happened? He says I just want to tell you about everything. Here Harleen is recalling that moment in which Shryra was asking her about the room which is in Harleen’s field. Harleen says to Naazneen that I know where is Shyra. She guides them way. Naazneen is looking so much tensed.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Update:

Here Shyra is wearing gloves and starts to rub all items there just to remove her finger-print. Suddenly, Abhi is coming in a conscious state. He opens his eyes. Shyra brings him outside and puts him inside her car. Here Yashu brings Doctor at home which whom Harleen met yesterday. Yusuf says that I met Doctor and asks him about your matter. But he told me that you are suffered by fever only. But I know something is fishy here.

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Yusuf says that I have one way through which you will tell me the truth. Yusuf kills the Doctor and then Afreen is getting so scared. Her Ammi is coming there and says to Afreen that why are you putting your life in danger. Her Amma comes to know that Afreen is pregnant. Yusuf comes to know this and then get angry. Here Naazneen and Harleen are reaching there but they get only Shyra’s bracelet.

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Shrya brings Abhi near to the well. Here Harleen is thinking that maybe Shyra is going near to the well because she asked her about all of this. She takes Naazneen and her son there where Shyra is pointing a gun on Abhi’s head because she blamed him for killing her Salim chachu. Here Sid is thinking about Afreen and his baby. But Vikram, Imaan, and Duggal are talking to each other about the NSC and their upcoming opportunities.

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