Pragya Beats Champak Badly, Ruined Tanu-Nikhil’s Plan in Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya Beats Champak Badly, Ruined Tanu-Nikhil’s Plan in Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming News Update June-July 2016.

Do you people want to see Pragya by beating Champak very badly. Yes I know, dont’ worry, you people will watch angry Pragya when she will beat Champak in the night. Actually, Tanu and Nikhil will make a plan to defame Pragya in the eyes of Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia. But Pragya will fail this plan which makes Tanu and Nikhil angry.

Actually, Tanu and Nikhil are talking to each other about Champak and their plan. Nikhil says to Tanu that they will defame Pragya very badly by sending Champak in her room. When Abhi will see her then he will throw her out from this Mehra house. Guys, Pragya heard all this and gets alert.

After this, Nikhil says to Tanu that we will add something in Pragya’s juice and also fit camera in her room. After this, we will send Champak there. He  will try to touch her and make a video of that. Pragya gets shocked when she hear all this.

pragya beat champak lal, tanu's and Nikhil's plan ruined by champak lal

During night, Nikhil and Tanu will add something in her drink. Due to which Pragya will how that she gets faint. Nikhil and Tanu will become happy. After this Champak is coming to Pragya’s room and he will try to touch her badly. Pragya wakes up and starts to beat him very badly.

So that Champak will be getting shocked after to see Pragya’s angry avatar. He will run away from Mehra house. Finally, Pragya will finish Nikhil and Tanu’s chapter by doing this. In current episodes, Abhi and Pragya are doing a lot of fights and controversies with each other because of Champak.

Dadi, Aakash, and Rachna are trying to make Abhi understand the situation that Pragya is not having any affair with Champak. But Abhi is not ready to understand. After so many efforts, Abhi gets ready to trust on Dadi’s words that Pragya brought Champak here just to make him jealous.

Thereafter Abhi decided that he will make Pragya realize that Champak is not good for her. Apart from this he also thinks that he is responsible behind this step of Pragya because he also having an affair with Tanu after marriage. That’s why Pragya did the same.

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