Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Update Episode- Tantric Finds His Complete Body

Qayamat Ki Raat Serial 21st July 2018 Written Update Episode on

Indian Television Star Plus Channel Qayamat Ki Raat will bring a scene in which the Gauri aka Karishma Tanna Raaj aka Vivek Dahiya are playing a lead role in the show. Gauri says to Dharam that please try to understand me because I am saying truth. Raaj comes there and says to Gauri to stop all of this. Gauri says to Raaj not to insult her if he don’t believe her. Here Raaj and Aman are trying to make their father ready for the marriage. But his father says that I didn’t break this relationship because Karuna’s father had broken this and he defamed me very badly. He did wrong to me and now I am not ready for this marriage. Here Karuna’s brother is trying to make his father (Mahindra) ready to do this marriage again. He replies that don’t you see the bad condition of your grand mother. Don’t you look at her. He says that my sister (Karuna) wants to do this marriage then what is the big deal. But Mahindra is not ready for this marriage and his mother said that, this marriage won’t get happen now. Later Aman says to Karuna that we love each other and that’s why we have to run away.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Update Episode

Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Karuna says that we can’t run because everyone will be getting angry to see this. Aman says that we have to run away and get married soon. Then all family members will accept us. Karuna says ok, let me bring my bridal lehenga because my mother made that lehenga with he hands and its her dream that I will wear this dress in my marriage. Aman says ok. Here Gauri and Dharam are going to that old haweli whereas they are pretending like they are trying to find out the body of that tantric. Even the tantric’s head is also following.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Karuna says that I am getting scared very badly. I don’t know whether we are doing right or not? Aman says that we are going right because our parents were fixed this relationship and now if we can do marriage then they won’t have any option without accepting us. Here Aman and Karuna are sitting in a car and then goes away. Pandit ji sees them. Here Raj is getting tensed to think about the Aman. Suddenly, Pandit ji is coming inside and says to Raj that Gauri and Aman were going outside in a car. Raj says that what is this? Here Aman and Karuna were left this house. On the other side, Dharam and Gauri were going to haweli.

Here Dharam falls down and trishul is going in his stomach. He is screaming very badly. Gauri is trying to help him but he is getting injured very badly. Even he is getting faint too. Here Tantric head gets his body. Gauri is getting scared very badly and she is trying to bring Dharam in a conscious state. But he doesn’t open his eyes. Gauri sees that tantric and gets scared very badly. Now Tantrics catches Gauri and try to kill her. Gauri begs him to leave her but he says that I will kill you today. Gauri folded her hands in front of Tantric by saying that please leave me.

Everyone comes to know that Karuna and Aman are running together. Minakshi says ty badly. hat Gauri has played this game with us and she is the only one who is responsible behind this situation. Mahindra gets angry and says that don’t you dare to blame my daughter.

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