Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July 2018 Written Update Episode- Karuna Kills Raaj

Qayamat Ki Raat Serial 29th July 2018 Written Update Episode on

Indian Television Star Plus Channel Qayamat Ki Raat will bring a scene in which the Gauri aka Karishma Tanna Raaj aka Vivek Dahiya are playing a lead role in the show. This show starts with the scene in which Pandit ji is recalling Guruma’s words like whenever Gauri took Karuna’s hair then Tantric came to know about this at the same time. now Tantric knows very well that Pandit ji came to know everything about his plans and especially about Karuna. That time Guruma told to Pandit to be careful and Gauri must know about this truth. This time, Pandit ji is near by the temple. He feels Kalasur’s presence here. He recalled Guruma’s words.

Here Tantric starts to kill Pandit ji in his way. Tantric is coming near to him. Here Pandit is thinking like how will he save himself or how will he run away from here? He recalled that Guruma gave him a sindoor of Mata Rani’s foots. This time, he must have to use that sindoor to keep this Tantric away from her. Gauri is going to meet Pandit ji to the temple. But when she is about to leave the house. Gauri is taking a step outside and she gets jungle by opening the door just outside the house which is not possible.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July 2018 Written Update Episode

Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Suddenly, Karuna comes there along with some super natural powers through which Gauri felt tied herself. Karuna says that I know you are going to meet pandit and he will tell you my truth. But it never happen because I will not let you to go outside from this house. Karuna added that, tantric just want you and nothing else. Gauri gets shocked. Karuna is flying here and there in front of Gauri. Even she comes close to Gauri and hold her neck tightly. Gauri screams very badly and begs to leave her. But Karuna says her that Kalasur is playing a game with her. So she also have to play a game. Gauri is getting scared very badly. She says to Karuna that I am your younger sister then why are you doing this? Still, Karuna is flying there. Gauri is folded her hands in front of Karuna and asks her to leave her.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July Written Update Episode:

Karuna says to Gauri to say yes to Kalasur because he wants you only. If you say yes then he will lave your family and village too. If you say no then he will kill your family and villagers too. Gauri says ok. Karuna says to Gauri that I am doing all of this because I am taking some time because Kalasur is killing Pandit ji there. Here Pandit ji is running from there. Dharam is coming there and asks Pandit ji what happened? But Pandit ji thinks that he is Kalasur who have changed his identity. So that’s why Pandit ji is running away from him also and hides himself from him. But after some time, Dharam go away from there. Kalasur comes there. Pandit gets to realize that he was real Dharam and he lost the chance. Now Kalasur starts to attack him. Pandit is getting scared very badly.

Later Karuna is going to kill Raaj.

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