Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Update Episode

Qayamat Ki Raat Serial 4th August 2018 Written Update Episode on

Indian Television Star Plus Channel Qayamat Ki Raat will bring a scene in which the Gauri aka Karishma Tanna Raaj aka Vivek Dahiya are playing a lead role in the show. In this upcoming episode, Gauri hugs Raaj and cries a lot. Raaj is trying to make her normal and try to make her happy. But Gauri is looking tensed. Dharam is coming there and sees everything. Later Raaj says to Gauri to go inside and gets to normal. Dharam comes there. He informs everyone that Pandit ji is no more. Gauri and Raaj are getting shocked very badly. Raaj asked Dharam that how it happened? Dharam says I don’t know because Gauri told him not to say anything to Raaj about tantric because he don’t believe all of this.

Raaj gets shocked very badly. He says to Dharam that we have to go to Pandit ji’s house because his son is not present at home this time. Raaj is coming inside. Dharam says to Gauri that kala sur has killed Pandit ji and not there is not nay help. Gauri says to Dharam that you don’t worry, we will look after everything very soon. Later Gauri is coming inside along with kalash and then hides it behind the god’s idol. Later Gauri thinks that it is the safe place for Kalash because Karuna di won’t able to come near to god. But here Karuna sees everything like where Gauri hides this Kalash.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Update Episode

Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Update Episode:

After some time, all family members are coming to Pandit ji’s house whereas Pandit ji’s wife is crying very badly. Raaj says to Gauri to give some sympathy to Pandit ji’s wife. Later Guruma is coming there. She points Gauri to come outside the house. Gauri gets shocked and thinks that why is she calling me outside? Gauri is going outside. A woman comes near to Gauri and says her that, this story is yours and that’s why every character is related to you only. Here Karuna asked one of the servant to bring that Kalash from the mandir. Servant goes and brings that kalash outside the mandir and then he is about to give the kalash to Karuna but Aman’s mother is coming there and snatches that Kalash from servant. She scolds him very badly and asked him why he brought this Kalash outside the mandir. Karuna gets angry very badly.

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Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Update Episode:

Later Gauri is looking for the Kalash in the mandir. But She doesn’t get it because Karuna has that Kalash. Gauri gets shocked very badly. Here Karuna is falling down. All ladies are saying to Ananya to check out Karuna’s BP. Ananya try to check out her BP but she doesn’t get any nerve in Karuna. She gets shocked very badly and thinks that Karuna di is not alive. She gets scared very badly. Later Karuna comes to Ananya’s room and then says her like she will be going to kill her because she comes to know her reality which is not good. Ananya ges shattered very badly.

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