Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly

The Serial start with the scene in which the Kokila and all other people are asking Urvashi that who did all this with you? Kokila says her to tell the name now because I won’t let that man easily. We will punish that man who did all this with you. Urvashi is trying to say Gaura’s name but when she looks towards Kokila to say Gaura’s name, then she see Gaura behind the curtain.

Gaura threatens her very badly from behind the curtain. But Urvashi is trying to take her name. Everybody thinks why is Urvashi seeing towards Kokila. Everyone is getting shocked to see this, Urvashi is pointed towards Kokila. Jaggy looks on. Kokila asks Urvashi that why are you pointing me? Gopi says to Urvashi that maybe you are in trauma, so that you are getting fail in recognizing the real one culprit because maa ji (Kokila) never do this.

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Suddenly, Urvashi is getting faint. Jaggy is trying to bring her in conscious state. He shouts and asks what happened with her? Doctor replies that, I am sorry to say that she went in COMA. Jaggy gets freez in a shock. Doctor says to all divert Jaggy’s mind otherwise it would be getting wrong for him. Kokila says to Jaggy that you don’t worry everything will be getting alright.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Update:

Police Inspector says to Kokila that, you stops your drama and let you come with us because Urvashi pointed you before to get faint. Kokila says Urvashi might be trying to say something else because I didn’t do anything. Police Inspector says, whatever but I saw that she was pointed you only. Pari gets happy and thinks, a lot of twists are coming in my life in a single day. It’s wow. Police Inspector says to Kokila to come with them. Gaura hears everything and gets so happy. Read more-> Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2017 written update.

After this, Police Inspector orders a lady constable to arrest Kokila now. Gaura smiles. They are taking Kokila with them. Urmila says to Gopi that you have to go with Kokila and I will look after Jaggy here. Gaura comes back to the home and then gets scared to see someone in her blanket. She is about to beat with stick but Chanda gets up and stops her from killing her.

Chanda says that here I am trying to manage your position in this house and you are coming here to kill me. What is this? Gaura says her to go back to your room and let me sleep her. Kokila is in lock up and Gopi is getting tensed very badly. Police Inspector says to Gopi to go from here but Gopi is showing a stubborn behavior and says that I am not going anywhere.

Sahil comes there and tries to handle Gopi. Inspector says that you have to go and bring a bail paper for her, why are you wasting your time here. Gopi replies that I won’t go anywhere. She orders Sahil to bring bail papers as soon as possible. Sahil says ok. Jaggy and Urmila are sitting together. Then, Nurse is coming there and calls Jaggy at the reception for doing som formalities.

Jaggy says, what is going on? I know Kokila Maasi never do this. Urmila replies that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. Here Priyal is having a cough. Vidya handles her and says her that you will not go to the school today. She takes care of Priyal there. Meera sees her and gets emotional. Meera is coming in her children room and starts to love her children. Chanda comes there and stops her from doing all this.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode:

Meera cries and

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