Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya continues with the scene in which Magesh is talking to the painters and orders them to do a clean and good paint over the walls. Magesh aka Veena Bhen is saying them, you have to do it fast and then we will start marriage arrangements. Jaggy is also sitting there and says that your work is fabulous Veena Bhen. You may paint all the walls with all the colors which you have.

Gopi says to Urmila that Jaggy is getting mad and that’s why he is behaving so. Urmila says that I know he is not a bad guy but he is saying that only to make you jealous. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight. Stay in touch with us. Here Chanda is torturing Meera and Vidya very badly.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written:

After some time, Kokila and Urvashi are talking to each other about the family. Paridhi says I am missing Jigar a lot. Kokila says you don’t worry, he will come back soon. Paridhi smiles. After some time, Urvashi says to bring Radhika for the mehndi function. Veena Bhen is going to bring Radhika there.

Here Vidya is crying a lot. She thinks about all the moments in which Chanda did a bad behavior with Meera. She feels so bad to see Meera’s bad condition. Suddenly, Shravan is coming there and he asks what happened? Vidya says everything to her husband and he gets angry to hear this. He says why were you hiding this from me? Why?

He says I am going to talk to papa about this. Vidya stops Shravan from doing this. She says to him that you give me a promise that you will never tell all this to papa ji because Meera di was saying me not to say this. Here Radhika’s fake is bringing Radhika in the function hall. Radhika is covering her face completly. Urvashi, Kokila, and Urmila are asking that why is Radhika hiding her face.

Radhika’s mother is saying that, this is our ritual that bride is covering her face on her mehendi function. Sona and Paridhi are getting shocked. But Kokila says that it’s ok. Let it be. Sona says that I am going to apply mehendi on Radhika’s hand. But when Sona sees hand, she feels these hands are not a girls’s hand. These are looking like a boy’s hand.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written:

Sona is getting shocked to see this but she doesn’t say anything to anyone. After this, Urvashi says that let me apply a mehendi on Radhuki’s hand. But mehendi is falling on Radhika’s lehenga. Guys, here is not Radhika, Mangesh is sitting there instead of Radhika by wearing a lehenga.

Urvashi says to Radhika to come with her in the room, she will clean her lehenga. They are going to the room where Mangesh is getting scared by thinking that if Urvashi will see his face inside the dupatta then what will he do. But Radhika’s fake mother is coming there and sends Urvashi outside by applying butter on her.

Here Sona is coming there to check out what is going on? Here Magesh is making his dupatta properly, Sona sees his face and she gets shocked. Here Gopi is standing like a soil idol near to Krishna’s idol just to save real Krishna’s idol. After some time, Radhika is coming there by changing her avatar by applying a white soil onto her.

After some time, Radhika’s fake mother brings Mangesh in the mehendi hall where Sona removes his dupatta and all people comes to know that Magesh aka Veena Bhen is sitting instead of Radhika. Here Gopi catches Radhika when she is trying to steal lord Krishna’s idol. Kokila and all other people are coming there and ask┬áRadhika what is going on? Gopi says let me tell you. She tells everything to everyone. But Radhika creates an emotional drama just to take Urvashi at her side. Urvashi trust her and slaps Gopi very badly.

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