Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya continues with the scene in which the Gopi and Radhika are talking to each other whereas Radhika is trying to threaten her by saying that if you will try to expose me then I won’t leave you here because if you will do this, then I will show you the trailer by doing some gun shoots. Gopi gets scared. She thinks that how will she handle the situation.

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Here Jaggy is getting tensed by thinking that when he will get married to Radhika tomorrow then I will not think about Gopi. But next day when Jaggy is getting marrying to Radhika. Here Gopi is reaching to the store room where she gets Kokila. She informs Gopi about the Krishan’s murti. Gopi says I already know about this. Let see what will happen next. Click here- Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2016 written update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Gopi is coming to talk to Jaggy about his marriage. He says that Gopi that tomorrow is such an important day because I am going to marry and lost my bachelor’s life. Gopi is about to say something. Jaggy starts to take a selfie with her. Urvashi is coming there and then asks Gopi to go from here.

Here Meera is making a lot of dishes in the kitchen. Vidya is coming there and asks Meera what are you doing? She replies that I am making dishes for Chanda, don’t know what will happen next. So that’s why I have to make so many dishes for her. Meera is looking so much disturb. Vidya says you don’t worry, I called a SPA woman and a nurse here who will take care of Chanda full day and if any problem created then they will inform us.

Even though she gives permission to us  for going to attend a marriage and she is happy too. Meera says I am so happy Vidya. Vidya says you don’t worry and gets ready for the marriage. Meera says what about the kitchen. Vidya says that you don’t worry, I will look after this. Meera smiles and goes from there. Here Gopi is in the kitchen and thinks that Radhika took my phone also. What will I do? Suddenly, Chanda is coming there and asks Gopi what happened? Was Radhika doing something with you? Gopi says no, she didn’t do anything.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written:

Suddenly, when all people are coming in the hall room then Chanda is coming there and sends a message to Meera not to go to the marriage and so on. Meera is saying that I am not going with you because I am staying here for Chanda’s care. Dharam says that I am also staying here with you. Meera says no please go with them and I will look after the house.

Dharam says I will not enjoy there without you. Meera says ok you won’t go there and stay here with me. Chanda is also coming there and smiles a lot. Vidya, Shravan, and Priyal are coming to the Modi Bhawan. Sona, Urvashi, and Radhika are coming there to welcome them. Priyal says hi to Jai and Veeru. Priyal is going from there with Jai and Veeru.

Here Vidya is looking for the Vidya. Jaggy stands there and Gopi is coming in front of him. He is seeing a dream in which Gopi is coming there in a bridal dress. He gets so happy to see Gopi in this type of dress.  He asks Gopi why doesn’t you make me to wear a garland. Gopi asks which Garland. A dream breaks down.

After some time, Gopi meets Vidya and hugs her. Vidya asks why are you looking so tired and tensed. Gopi says no beta, I am alright. After this, Gopi brings a prashad and gives it to Urvashi and Urmila. They are asking about the prashad. She says I did a pooja for Jaggy and Radhika. Actually, Gopi writes a message on the paper on which she put a prashad. She gives this Prashad to all people by thinking that everybody will easily read out the message regarding the Radhika’s plan.

After some time, all people read out the message and gets shocked. They all people are getting alert after to read out messages.Vidya handles the situation and takes all people inside the room by making an excuse. Gopi gets relax to give this indication to everyone. Vidya makes a complete message by joining all the prashad wrappers. After soem time, Radhika and Mangesh (Veena Bhen) are coming there.

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