Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Urmila gives a key to Urvashi and says her to go and brings Jaggy here as soon as possible. Urmila gets so happy and thinks that now everything will be getting alright soon. Here Radhika is talking to Mangesh and asks him what is going on? She orders Mangesh and checks out everything now.

Suddenly, Vidya and Shravan are coming there. They asks Veena Bhen aka Mangesh that they want to all childhood memories of Radhika because they want to prepare something and give sit to the surprise to Radhika ji. But Mangesh is too smart and says that I am going to toilet and coming back soon. Vidya is trying to stop him but  has gone from there.

Urmila and Paridhi are coming behind to Veena Bhen. After some time, Paridhi and Urmila are saying to Veena Bhen to come with them because they want to know more about Radhika and her childhood. Veena Bhen is finally getting stuck and goes with them. Click here-> Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2016 written update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Mangesh is coming there again. Radhika asks have you got some information or not? He says that, these people aren’t leaving me alone. Then how can I go there to check out. Radhika gets angry and shocked too. Here Urmila and Pari are keeping their eye on Radhika and Mangesh.

Gopi and Kokila outside the Almira and comes to know about all situation that what is going on? He says to Gopi that you don’t worry, I will look after all the goons of this house. Gopi says ok. Here Urvashi is going to bring Jaggy out from the room. Jaggy is coming in the mandap and sits with Radhika. After to see Jaggy there, she gets happy.

After some time, Pandit ji says to Jaggy and Radhika for taking wedding rounds. Jaggy and Radhika are standing up. Jaggy calls Gopi to come here. Gopi is coming there and throws water in the hawan fire. All people are getting shocked  and then Mangesh is also getting up.

Urvashi is getting angry and shocked too. She asks Gopi what happened? What is going on? Who are you to do this? Gopi says that this marriage won’t get happen now. Urvashi says that who are you to decide all this. Jaggy catches Radhika very badly and then the black thread is falling down from Radhika’s neck. Gopi takes that thread and pendant.

Mangesh says to Gopi to give this pendant to me. Suddenly, all goons are coming there? They are raising their guns towards the Jaggy. He says that why are you getting stop? Just shoot me now. By saying all this, Jaggy is taking a step towards the gun-man and finally catches him in his clutches.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written:

 Finally, all the goons, Mangesh, and Radhika are coming in the clutches of the Modi family. Urmila says to Urvashi that see here, he is Mangesh, you favorite Daughter-in-law Radhika’s fiance. Urvashi is getting shocked to see this. Urmila exposes Radhika and Mangesh very badly in front of all people. Urvashi is getting shocked after to hear all of this.

Urvashi is thinking about all the words which Gopi said about Radhika and her lover Mangesh. Urvashi is in shock. Samar and Sahil are catching Mangesh very badly. Urvashi is coming near to Radhika and throws her on the floor very badly. She asks Radhika why you did all this? Why you make my Jaggy’s life hell and drama? She feels so regret after to take this decision.

Samar and Sahil are beating Mangesh. Here Gopi brings KJokila in the hall room. All people are getting shocked to see Kokila with th bomb. Urvashi is getting emotional and then comes near to Koki. She asks what is this? Gopi says to Mangesh to save Kokila from the bomb. He takes out that bomb from Kokila’s neck. Now Kokila is free from the bomb. Sona gives a water to Kokila. Urvashi asks Kokila are you alrgith? Kokila replies yes I am alrgiht. They decides to handover Radhika and Mangesh to the police.

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