Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Jaggy is standing outside the court. Gopi is coming there and gives a water to Jaggy and says him to get relax. Jaggy says that how will I get relax, I am feeling badly stuck just like I took entry in a wrong way and then all vehicles are coming towards me. Suddenly, Jaggy sees Constable Tiwari there. Gopi asks what happened? I think there is not any connection of our case with Constable Tiwari. He says why not? There is a solid connection amid our case and Constable Tiwari. Gopi says really, Let me call him inside. After some time, Constable Tiwari is coming in the witness box and says that I will say the truth only. Gopi asks Constable Tiwari that where were you yesterday because I already knew the truth? He says that I was in market last day. Gopi says exactly. After this Gopi asks him that why didn’t you save Jaggy’s life when he was getting stuck in the public just because of the fake poster. But you didn’t help him out. Gopi asks him, to tell the truth. Otherwise he will be getting stuck very badly in this case. Mona says to Pari that badi mom is playing good cards now. Constable starts to give his statement that Jaggy and Birju were in the same jail. That time, Jaggy and Birju were getting in the fight with each other. He told me that if I will trap Jaggy in the fake case then he will give me a promotion and that’s why I helped him out during that case.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Gaura is doing a pooja and says to God that I am so happy because you gave me a lot of cleverness. Every time, you helped me out from all type of situation. Gaura says this time Constable Tiwari is my playing card this time and he was making a great story which is unexpected from his side. She recalled the moment when she threatened Constable Tiwari very badly to help her in this case. Here Urmila, Jaggy, Urvashi, and Meera’s husband are talking to each other. Meera’s husband says that if we want to save Jaggy then we will find out Manoj at any cost. Here Gaura says that I will never let Gopi to find out him. Gopi says to Jaggy that you don’t worry, we will try hard. Here Gaura makes a call to Manoj and asks him about his health. After this, she ordered him to leave this city as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be getting stuck in the big problem. She is giving him all the directions through which he will go out from the city.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode:

Next day in the court, Judge asks Gopi about the Jaggy that where is he? Here 24 hours are going to complete now and where is he? Kokila gets up from her chair and says to Judge that he will never come here back because he ran away. As, defense lawyer gave him a bail and that’s why he got elope. Gopi says that Jaggy is not wrong and he is coming back here soon. Judge says to Gopi that if Jaggy won’t reach here on time, it will be a big problem creates for him. Here Jaggy is trying to search out Manoj and he is on the way. Here Dharam is getting tensed and asked Gopi that do you know about Jaggy? Where is he? Gopi says he was going to search out Jaggy and he left home yesterday’s night. But if he won’t come here at the right time then he will be getting stuck in the big problem. Here Jaggy is present at the check post and then thinks if Manoj will run away from another way. Then he is going to the same way to check him out. Here Kokila is blaming very badly that Jaggy ran away and he never comes back here. Here Gopi is getting tensed to see all this. Here Jaggy sees Manoj and he is coming in front of his car near to the signal. Jaggy is getting in the fight with Manoj. Here Kokila says to the Judge that you will announce your decision by taking Jaggy as ran away from the case. Gopi says to the Judge that please don’t do this, this is a question of someone’s life or death. Judge says to Gopi that I am giving only 10 minutes and if he will not coming back within 10 minutes then I will make my decision which will completely against to the Jaggy. Here Manoj is trying to run away but Jaggy catches him finally.

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