Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode continues with the scene in which Gopi is coming in a hall room with her bag. All people are getting shocked to see Gopi like this. Kokila asks her what happened? Gopi says as I know everything about Jaggy ji that he loves me only and not happy with this marriage. So that I have decided something and wants to do this as soon as possible.

Kokila asks what you have decided? What is going on? Gopi says that I am going to leave this house now and never come back. As I know Jaggy ji is doing marriage but he is not happy with the marriage. So it’s better for me to go from here now. Apart from this it is good for Jaggy ji also. Kokila says that it’s not any solution. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Suddenly, Urvashi Bhen is coming there and asks what happened? Kokila tells her about Gopi’s decision. Urvashi says that why are you doing this beta? Gopi says as I know everything and that’s why it’s not easy for me to stay here any more. So that I will leave this home just after Jaggy’s engagement. Urmila says you are really mad Gopi, How can you think this? How? Gopi says to all that please try to understand the situation, it’s not right to stay here.

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Suddenly, Pari is coming there and asks what happened? All people are getting silent. Gopi says to all that you may do your work, we will talk on this matter later. Kokila gets angry and says to Gopi that it’s my final decision that you will not go anywhere anyday. This is my first and last decision, you have to follow my decision. Gopi gets silent and gets upset too. Pari gets shocked to see this. She thinks if Gopi bhen will leave this home then she will easily rule everyone accoridng to her wish.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Meera is in her room and she is checking out her best sarees. Suddenly, Chanda is coming there and asks her may I come in? Meera says please come inside. Chanda says that I felt bored in my room, so that I think to come here and do some chit chat with you. Meera says why not? Please come. Even you can come here anytime whenever you felt bored. Chanda says ok.

She is sitting near to Meera and appreciates Meera’s clothes. Meera see her old clothes and says that your clothes are too bad. Chanda says, Meera bhen you are saying right, my destiny is also so bad. Meera says please don’t say this. Chanda is touching Meera’s sarees and says these are fabulous. Even I wear always bad clothes all the time, I have 3-4 old suits.

Meera says that you will not wear old clothes from now onwards. Vidya comes there and analyzes everything. Here all ladies of Modi Bhawan are coming in a hall room where all the rituals are going on. Jaggy, Radhika, and their parents are also there. Urvashi says to DJ to play some good songs it’s a ceremony. He plays ‘Jagg Ghumiya Thare Jaisa na Koi.’ Jaggy looks at Gopi and thinks about old moments which he can spend with Gopi. He feels so alone.

But after some time, Urvashi says to Jaggy to do a dance with Radhika. He starts to do a dance with Radhika on the song ‘Naino me Sapna, Sapne Me Sajna, Sajna Pe Dil Agya.’ Jaggy starts to do dance with her but he is indicating every step towards the Gopi and then she feels something odd. She is coming into her room. Jaggy stops her dance and then says to Urvashi that if Gopi is here then I can do a dance, if Gopi is here then I will do an engagement, if Gopi is here then I will do marriage. Urvashi gets shocked. She thinks if Gopi will from here then a lot of problem will get created.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written:

She is going to talk to Gopi and says to her that if you will go somewhere thne Jaggy will not do marriage, he will ruin his life. Gopi gets silent. Urvashi is coming in a hall room. Radhika and her parents are getting so happy to see the function. They says thanks to Modi family. Radhika says it would be good for me if I will stay here for some more time because it will be helpful to me to understand this home and rituals. Gopi and Kokila are saying to Radkhi that you may live here, we don’t have nay problem.

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