Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode continues with the scene in which Jaggy is sleeping. In the morning, Radhika is coming there with a tea. She calls Jaggy again and again. He wakes up and gets shocked to see her there. He asks what are you doing here?  I mean what are you doing here in stranger’s room? Radhika says you are not a stranger to me? You are my would be husband. So why I am feeling so shy?

Jaggy says that we are strangers now. Suddenly, he starts to use his phone and says that you don’t worry, I am coming now. Radhika says you are so funny Jaggy ji, you didn’t get any call and you started to talk on phone. Jaggy says whatever I have to go now. Suddenly, a song plays on ‘Hum Bane Tum Bane Ek Dooje K Liye.’

Here Chanda is coming in Meera’s room in the night. Suddenly,  Meera wakes up and gets shocke to see her. Meera asks what happened? What are you doing here late night? Chanda says I got scared in my room, so that I am coming here. Meera says ok don’t worry, you may sleep here. Meera calls Dharam ji to wake him up and sleep somewhere else.

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Dharam gets up. Meera asks shall we sleep in the guest room. Dharam says 9 months are completed now, we gte our baby. Meera says no. Not now. I am just saying to go there and sleep. Suddenly, Vidya is coming there and says to Meera that you may sleep here with Dharam ji because I know he will not sleep anywhere else. Vidya added that I willsleep with her in her room.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th Novembr 2016 Written Episode:

Urmila tells Jaggy that Gopika thinks that Radhika is the best match for you and she will also make you happy at any cost. So we have to do something like Gopi will change her attitude, thinking, or opinion regarding the Radhika. Jaggy says to Urmila that you are saying right, we will do something through which Gopi rejects Radhika forever.

Here Meera brings a lot of suits for Chanda. Vidya asks what are you doing di? Maybe your Diwali shopping has not finished yet. Meera says no I have finished my shopping but this shopping is only for Chanda. Suddenly, Chanda is coming there and gets so happy to see her shopping. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight.

Here Radhika is knocking at Urvashi’s door. She calls her inside. Radhika is coming inside and then offers a tea to her. She also tells that I made this tea with ginger and daal chini. Urvashi is getting so happy. She asks Radhika that you liked that jewelry which we gave you. Radhika says yes mummy ji. Urvashi says I wish you will become my daughter-in-law as soon as possible. Radhika says I also wish the same. She asks Urvashi that please tell me everything about Jaggy ji. Urvashi says my jaggy is a small baby and he likes food. Food is the only way through which you will reach to his heart.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written:

After some time, when Jaggy and Urmila are talking to each other to throw Radhika out from the house. Then, Ahem’s father is also coming there. He says to Jaggy that I want to help you. Jaggy says I don’t want you help. He says I understand your situation, so I know what are you going through? Urmila says that, ‘Neki Ar Pooch Pooch’, ‘Ek Se Bhale Do,’. Everybody smiles.

Meera cuts an apple for Chanda. She also tells her about the advantages of apple. Chanda is about to eat. Meera asks have you wash your hands? She is going to wash her hands. Suddenly, she hits with Dharam ji and some money is falling down. Chanda eyes are getting bigger after to see so much money. Here Vidya is saying to Chanda that we both are working as bodyguards of each other. So nobody will come in between us. Even third is not able to come in between us. Chanda looks at her very badly. Vidya smiles a lot.

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