Shakti 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Harman is coming to meet Surbhi. Surbhi asks what happened? Harman says that I am coming here to talk to you and the matter is marriage. He says that I won’t marry you Surbhi because I only consider Soumya as my wife. So that I don’t want to marry again because I will never give someone Soumya’s place.

Subrhi says that I am also tied in a promise. So that I won’t say no for this marriage. Harman gets shocked very badly. Surbhi is feeling so bad. Read more->  Shakti 11th January 2017 written update. Surbhi is crying a lot and thinks that I don’t have another way to take now because Preeto didn’t leave any option behind. She is crying a lot.

Here Maninder is sitting silent. Beeji is coming there and asks him what happened? He is not replying anything. Beeb says that I was thinking that, this relation is not bad for our Surbhi. She will be doing a fun there life-time. Even when Surbhi will go there, then Harman will forget Soumya very soon because Surbhi will fill all colors in  his life. So that he starts to love Surbhi too.

Shakti 10th January 2017 Written Update:

In the next day morning, Surbhi gets ready and coming outside in the hall area with Nani. Bebe comes there. Surbhi asks where is papa ji? Bebe replies that he is going outside to distribute sweets in the colony. Subrhi asks why? We have decided that we didn’t share this news with anyone. Bebe says that yes beta, but he is doing all this only to make his image in the soceity. Apart from this, he says to everyone that you are going to the town because you got the job there.

Surbhi says that I am getting so shocked why papa is telling a lie to everyone. Bebe replies that he is under pressure and that’s why he is doing all this. Here Preeto, Shanno, and Soumya are busy in decoration. After some time, Soumya says to Harman to get ready for the marriage now. After some time, Nani, Bebe, Maninder, and Surbhi are coming there. Preeto and Harak Singh are getting so happy to see this. Harman is coming there and doesn’t see Surbhi there. He thinks maybe she is not coming here.

Shakti 10 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

But after some time, Harman is getting so angry. After that, he sends a message to Surbhi that why are you coming here if I told you not to come here. Surbhi gets upset to see this. Here all people are gathering in the hall room whereas Soumya brings Surbhi there in a yellow dress for haldi function. Preeto says Bindu to call Harman here. Here Harman is waiting for Surbhi’s reply. He thinks maybe Surbhi is getting mad and that’s why she is doing all this. Here Saya gets someone’s call and then comes to know about Surbhi’s marriage. Saya recalled that words like she handover Soumya in Harman’s hand and now he will be going to marry another girl. How? I won’t let it happen. Here Bebe is applying haldi on Surbhi’s face. Preeto is applying haldi on Harman’s face and also apply a kajal behind her ear. Soumya is seeing them and get emotional very badly. She recalled all the moments which she spend with Harman.

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