Shakti 10th November 2016 Written Episode 124 Update

Shakti 10th November 2016 Written Episode 124 Update, written episode on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Soumya is sitting in a room with some girls. After some time, kidnappers are coming there and says to Soumya to wear a western dress. She wears a black dress and looking so scared. Kidnappers are saying to Soumya to get ready very nicely, maybe Sheikh will like her like this. So that we will get more money and she will easily reach to Dubai or Bangkok. Soumya gets shocked.

Here Harak Singh is getting a call from Maninder and he comes to know that Nimmi got a heart attack and got died. Viren asks what happened? Harak informs him about the death of Nimmi. He thinks what happened with us, don’t know what god wants to do. Suddenly, Preeto comes there. Harak Singh asks where are you going?

Preeto says that I am going to meet Nimmi, she is the only one who brought out son back to home. Why they are bringing a lot of tensions in our home. So that’s why I have decided to meet Nimmi again. Harak Singh says that I Nimmi died by heart attack. Preeto gets shocked very badly and says that I met her but I don’t want this.

Preeto is saying a lot of words to the Harak that she don’t want this. Even I didn’t say anything wrong to her that she got died on my words. Preeto gets shattered. Harak Singh says that we have to go there to gives an emotional support to them. Preeto says ok.

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Shakti 10th November 2016 Written Episode 123 Update:

Here Pandit ji says that we have to take this body for the cremation. Beeji says that I don’t let it happen till my Soumya and Surbhi won’t come. People says that she is saying right, single daughter is not here. So we have to call her daughters here. Suddenly, Preeto and Harak singh are coming there. Preeto says to all that if someone’s daughter gets elope by leaving her marriage then what happened to a mother? Only this thing takes Nimmi’s life.

After some time, Nimmi calls Maninder at a side. She says to him that this is the right time to say to everyone about Soumya’s truth. Due to which we and you will easily survive in this society. Even I know you also want to live freely. Maninder says that I just want to think about this.

Shakti 10th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Mallika is talking to Surbhi and Harman about to find out Soumya as soon as possible. She is saying to Surbhi that you have to go inside this kidnapping world. Thereafter, you will get Soumya there. Surbhi gets ready for this. Harman says that you don’t worry, I will always behind you. Here Preeto is commenting on Nimmi’s death that she got die in daughter’s love.

Here Preeto and Harak Singh are coming back to the home. Preeto says to Varun that when Harman comes back to Nimmi’s home then you will bring Harman here as soon as possible. Varun says ok. Beeji makes a call to Harman and informs him about Nimmi’s death. He gets shocked but he decides not to tell anything to Surbhi about this.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam today’s episode was very emotional her nimmi is dead and sowmya and surbi don’t no about is mothers death. and sowmya one side and Harman and surbi and saya one side searching sowmya .but preeto because of her only nimmi died but she is not having any gilti felling than also she is only thinking about Harmans second marriage and harak sing support her what type of a woman she is .and mahi is not need in the story she is not needed mahi character is unnecessary in the story .and varun after seeing nimmis death also he is not informing harman about preeto and he is not having any soft conner on sowmya and surbi .and we fans want to no when the director brings preetos truth front of Harman and the director brought every secret s of sowmya soon but why he is not bringing preeto s truth we fans are waiting for a interesting twist in the serial .afer nimmi who will take care of sowmya ?and one side Harman says that sowmya is friend for him and he is not having any felling that sowmya is his wife ?will surbi come to know that because of preeto only nimmi died?will surbi take revenge with Preeto will she teach a lesson to preeto ? sanaya mam even we fans have patients and their is limit for our patience s and the director is not understanding what we fans say .Harman is hero of the serial but he is hopeless he can’t find is mothers trick and he believe s blindly .this time after bringing sowmya back if Harman leaves sowmya and believe s is mother preeto than the serial will be very rubbish. this time Harman should against preeto and stand for his love for his wife sowmya and Harman should prove his love to sowmya and he should prove preeto that no one can saperat sowmya from him .sanaya mam than when we going to see love affection sentiment romance in between Harman and sowmya and nimmi before she die she request manindra to accept sowmya as his daughter and take care of is two daughters and now also maninder did not accept sowmya as is daughter then their is no value for nimmis death. please we fans kindly request you sanaya mam to read this message and answer for every question what we asked on the message because we fans are very disappointed and confused so once again we request you to answer these questions

    Sanaya mam I don’t no whether you miss me or not but I miss you very much and I don’t no why you dint give reply continuesly from November 3 and it hurts me very much .and now also I am waiting for your reply your friend revathi thank-you

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