Shakti 10th October 2016 Written Episode 101 Update

Shakti 10th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 101, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 10 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik says to Saya that one day Harman aka Vivian Dsena will come to take her out from this world. Saya replies to Soumya that don’t you dare to see this dream because we will never let you go from here at any cost. Apart from this, you will not get any such type of opportunity because we will not let it happen. Suddenly, a vehicle is coming there and hits Saya very badly. Soumya shouts very badly and here Saya is falling down injured.

Soumya thinks that either I will run away from there or to save Mallika didi’s life. Finally, she decides to save Mallika didi’s life. A car is passing nearby them. Soumya stops that car and pleads them to carry Mallika did at the hospital because she is getting injured very badly. A car driver gets ready to help Soumya but when he comes out and see Mallika is a kinnar. He denies and gets elope.

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Soumya starts to cry a lot. She sees one carton carrier, she brings that carrier near to Mallika’s body and put that body on the carrier. She pulls her and rushes to the hospital but that is a private hospital. Receptionist denies to admits a kinnar. Soumya pleads. But Doctor and all faculty are not ready to admit her. Soumya shouts very badly and says some emotional drama.

Suddenly, another Doctor is coming there and says to Soumya that you don’t worry, I am ready to admit her. You just fill up the form. She filled a form and also asks for one phone call. Then, the Receptionist gives permission to her to make a call. She makes a call to Guruma and informs her about Mallika’s accident. After some time, Guruma and all other kinnars are coming there.

Shakti 10th October 2016 Written Update Episode 101:

Here Harman is coming to his home by jumping the main gate. After this, he is coming inside from the window. But when he goes into his room, he gets that sweater which was made by Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. He feels Soumya’s presence.  But he talks to himself by saying that I made a promise with Preeto that whenever I will find out Soumya then I will handover her to her mother.

Here Harman is in jail and he is feeling so sick. He asks Inspector about the food and water. But Inspector replies to him that we will not let it happen, nobody will give you food and water in this jail. Harman says that if you can do all this with me then Harak Singh will not leave you. Inspector says that I don’t know who is Harak Singh. This is police station and here I ruled one everyone. After some time, Harman gets a water and he acts like he feels a pain in his stomach. All constables gets shocked because Harak Singh is about to come and when he will see this condition of his son  then he will not leave anyone.

Shakti 10th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Abhishek is coming to drop Surbhi at her home. Maninder asks him about the dinner. But Abhishek denies. After this, Kalki is coming there and asks Surbhi about Soumya. But Surbhi is not saying anything to her. But Kalsi forced her. Surbhi makes a call to Harman and gives that phone to Kalsi. Harman says to her that Soumya is sleeping now and we will definitely come in your god bharai. Kalsi is getting so happy.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam why the director is not accepting the suggestions which we fans give than what is the use of giving comments than what is the relationship between the director and fans. and we fans once again request the director surbi should not come in between Harman and sowmya and surbi should marry varun if surbi takes sowmyas place then no use of taking this serial don’t take the serial has time pass and you should accept the fans request and we are accepting good reply from you we fans are waiting we fans are waiting to see Harman and sowmya together don’t take the serial for money take in good intention and teach us good things
    Life is very short we should live happily and we should keep other s happy this is the meaning of love
    Let Harman and sowmya love happily

  2. revathi

    Will surbi marry varun .who is the partner for surbi.we want to see varun and surbi as a pair because varun and surbi love is very interesting it is must that surbi should marry varun .let the director give any twist in the serial but don’t bring surbi in harmans life let sowmya and Harman love story go in a saperate way. then when Harman and sowmya going to start their life when varun going to marry surbi all ways serial is like crying when the happiest moments going to come all ways sad it is irritating us think little better add some affection love sentiment romance screen don’t bring the story sad
    Love is life and life is love who all understand this they can live their life happily we should live for our love and die for our love

    • Yes Sure Revathi you are absolutely right that we live for our love and die for our love. And I am also sure that Harman will accept Soumya on upcoming episode. But we can’t change the story of this episode. So let’s wait and watch what will happen in the coming episode of Shakti.

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