Shakti 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th august 2016 written episode update on

This serial starts when Soumya, Nimmi and Surbhi talks to each other. They all are shocked to see Harman’s room. Soumya cries and says that Harman decorated this room for her. She says that how much he love me, its showing with this decoration. But how can i give that happiness to him, which he deserves. Harman hear all this and says that Gulabo(Soumya), i want you from everyway because i love you. He says sorry to Gulabo because he promised to protect her at the time of marriage. But he get failed to complete his promise.

Varun catches Surbhi when she slips. Surbhi says that my slipper are attaching with door mate. Sahil says that why are you not coming in relationship with me. Surbhi says that its not possible to attract me on your side. Varun start flirting with Surbhi but Surbhi is very clever lady. She know well how to protect herself from boys.

Shakti 11th august 2016 Written Update:

Harman says to Harak Singh that we have to distribute Bonus to employees. Harak Singh shouts on Harman and say that if i am like you then this factory stop very soon. Harak Singh says to Harman that he know how to run this factory with the happiness of workers. Sahil comes and say to Harak singh to stop shouting on Harman. Harman says that i am going in my room to meet my wife(Soumya). Varun asks about today’s party planning. Harak Singh says that whatever you want to eat, we will be with you.

Shakti 11th august 2016 written Episode Update:

Soumya says to Nimmi that when you know about all this, then why you marry me with Harman? Nimmi says that i also don’t want to do this marriage. Nimmi says that when i saw love in Harman’s eyes, my mother love wake up. Nimmi says that Harman promise her that he will never leave Soumya. Harman says that whatever is Soumya’s nature, he will accept her from every way. Nimmi says that i do all this after seeing Harman’s love for you.

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