Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Harman is asking Surbhi that what happened? Why are you doing this marriage? As I already told that I am getting stuck in some circumstances. So that I won’t say no for this marriage but if you want to stop this marriage then you can easily do it. Surbhi replies that I am also stuck in between the responsibilities and promises.

Here Soumya is coming there and asks Preeto that you called m here? Preeto replies that yes I called you here. She shows Harman’s Sherwani which she wore in his first marriage. She is making bad comments on Soumya. After this, she shows new Sherwani to Soumya and says that my Harman will be going to wear this dress today and I will throw his old Sherwani. Soumya feels so bad.

Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Update:

Here Soumya is coming in Harman’s room where she gets Surbhi in Harman’s room. She feels bad but she doesn’t say a single word to them. Surbhi says that you are coming at the right time Di because Harman ji wants to say something to you. Soumya asks what happened? Surbhi says that maybe jeeju won’t say anything to anyone. Actually, jeeju wants to see you in a pink dress because you are his gulabo. Soumya says ok. She says to Surbhi to go and get ready fast because the muhurat time will come soon. Surbhi goes from there. Harman says her that why are you doing this? This marriage is not the solution of anything. Soumya says this marriage is so important for all people happiness.

After some time, Surbhi is getting ready in a bridal dress. Soumya comes there and says that I am getting shocked to see this, that you are looking so beautiful as compared to all other brides of this world. Even though Soumya is giving her bangles to Surbhi because these are Nimmi’s bangles. They hug each other. Nani and Bebe are coming theer to take Bindu says to Soumya that I am so happy today because you will stay with us forever because I like you so so much.

Shakti 11 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Nani says that I am getting so happy to see Soumya and Surbhi’s love. But Bebe says that I am getting shocked to see this love because their love won’t go longer. Their relationship will get change after this night. You just waita nd watch. Bebe smiles. Nani scolds her very badly. Here Surbhi is coming in the mandap and sits with Harman. He says to Surbhi to break this marriage right now and then he will handle everything. But Soumya is not breaking the marriage. Pandit ji says to Harman to please fill Surbhi’s hair line. Soumya is also standing there. Harman looks toards her but she changes her direction. Harman fills Surbhi’s hair line. Preeto gets so happy to see this. After ome time, Pandit says to Harman and Surbhi to take weddng rounds. Next day when Surbhi and Harman are taking wedding rounds. Surbhi stops and says that I won’t these wedding rounds. All people are getting shocked to hear these words from Surbhi in a mandap. Here Saya is coming there with another kinnars and Soumya gets shocked to see them. Let see what will happen next in the show. Just wait and watch to get all latest updates of Shakti Colors Serial. Read more->  Shakti 10th January 2017 written update.

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