Shakti 11th October 2016 Written Episode 102 Update

Shakti 11th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 102, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 11 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Soumya and all other kinnars are sitting in a hospital. They are praying to god for Mallika’s good health. Soumya is looking so tensed and scared after to see Mallika’s accident. Guruma is giving an emotional support to her. She tells to Soumya that we are kinnars and we are the only one who handles each other in a bad situation. So it’s our duty to save Mallika’s life at any cost because she is so valuable to us.

Here Guruma says to Mallika that you have to take care of yourself. Mallika says to Guruma that you also take some rest and go home. Guruma orders Kareena to stay here in the hospital and if you will need something, then you will call me. Kareena says ok to her. After that, Mallika says thanks to Soumya for saving her life. Soumya smiles and goes from there.

Here Harman and Harak Singh are coming in a wrestling ground and start to do fight with each other. Preeto and all other family members are also present there. Preeto says that if Harman will defeat by Harak then I will win my son. But Harman feels Soumya’s presence and then he starts to play a game seriously. He defeated Harak Singh very badly and Preeto feels so bad.

Shakti 11th October 2016 Written Update:

Suddenly, the topic gets changed whereas Soumya says to Guruma that I will live my full life only if I met Harman for two minutes only before my death. So that Guruma and all other kinnars are getting emotional after to hear Soumya’s feelings. On the other side, Harman and Harak are enjoying wrestling with each other. Harak is looking so happy to have his son back into his life after. Must see Shakti 10th October 2016 written update

Here Kalsi forced Surbhi for going to meet Soumya in her in-laws home. But Surbhi is making a lot of excuses for this. But Kalsi is getting so upset. Harman makes a call to Surbhi to ask her about the Soumya. She informs everything to Harman about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. Harman says to her that we have to go to Police station for making a complaint.

Shakti 11th October 2016 Written Update:

There Police Officer says that I won’t do anything for you because we will never take any decision for kinnars. Harman says to him that if you are not ready to help us then you have write a note on the plain paper that you won’t help us in kinnar case. Police Officer is getting emotional and he gets ready to help them. Here Kalsi is coming to Harman’s home just to meet Soumya. But when she asks about Soumya, all family members are getting shocked.

Preeto scolds Kalsi very badly. Even though, Kalsi also defames them. Preeto makes a call to Nimmi and tells him about Kalsi. Here all kinnars are coming back to home and does a pooja in front of mata rani. Rani and Raveena are pulling Soumya’s leg. After some time, Surbhi, Harman, and Police Officer is coming to the home where all kinnars are living together. Surbhi says to Guruma that Police will check out your all house because we want Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam good morning after bringing sowmya will Harman love once again sowmya weather we can accept some love romance sentiment affection in between Harman and sowmya after this will harak sing accept sowmya as daughter in law he should accept her because sowmya dint get his father s love atlease let she get harak sing love add some sentiment s .sowmya also have heart and she only accept every once love specially she accept Harmans love will she get is love back will Harman and sowmya prove their love one another

  2. revathi

    why Harman is so helpless he is hero he is searching sowmya OK why still Harman don’t no his mother preetos master plan Harman and preeto stays together but he don’t no his mother preeto is the Spey why the director made Harman so week Harman is very very restless please add some more love and affection in between harman and sowmya.nearly one month the director took the story only in searching sowmya than when Harman and sowmya going to realise their love and when they going to prove their love there is a limit for everything we fans feel this suspens is to much and what ever preeto plans it work outs and why not for Harman and even you made varun also restless varun can help Harman to search sowmya
    Love is something very very special only to hearts can feel that
    Why I say this because Harman loves sowmya deeply so only Harman can realise sowmyas love and pain
    this is two hearts love and pain only two hearts can understand
    Harman and sowmya love only they both can understand
    please read this message and give your reply we fans are waiting for your reply

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