Shakti 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

This serial starts with Harak Singh playing a game with all family members. Sindhu says to take their places and we will start the game. All are playing pillow passing game. Harak Singh fails first in this game and acting in front of others. Now Preeto trapped. Preeto says that i will make Pullav(Veg Rice) tomorrow. Harman says that so Preeto is not doing anything. Harak Singh says that this is very wrong. This is a game, so Preeto is also eligible for punishment as same i got. Harak Singh says Preeto to sit with me. Now Harman’s Sister trap. But she runs away to leave this game. Nimmi is trapping in this game. Harak Singh asks from Nimmi that who is your favorite between Soumya and Surbhi? She replies Soumya. Harak Singh asks why? Surbhi traps and Varun says that nobody asks a question from her except me. Varun says to Surbhi to speak some words from your mouth for someone. Surbhi speaks about Soumya and at the end she says I Love you Soumya Di. The game again starts. Now turn goes to Harman, Preeto says that how to propose a girl for marriage? Harman says that I am holding her hand and asks her to marry me. Preeto says that are you proposing someone or intimidate her? Harman says that i will challenge that i propose a girl and she agrees. Harak Singh gives 10 minutes to him. Harman talks with Varun and makes the plan to propose Soumya.

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Shakti 12th August 2016 Written Episode:

Maninder is crying and say that i lost my daughter Surbhi due to Soumya. Maninder mother is very tensed due to Maninder’s behavior. She says to herself that we have to get well Maninder soon. Maninder wants to tease Soumya and Nimmi and try to make a plan.

Harman sees Soumya and says to himself that Soumya is also happy to see me. He offers his hand to stand her up. Nimmi gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Harman and Soumya are spending some romantic moments with each other in front of all family members. The song plays in the background ” Tu Hi Mera Khuda Tu Hi Meri Dua” Harman looking happy with this moment. Harman says that i am falling in love with you uncountable. Harman proposes to Soumya he says some lovely words to her with a red rose and then he asks Soumya that tells me Gulabo that will you spend whole life with me. Varun says to Soumya that speaks Bhabhi yes and then Surbhi comes close to Soumya and says to her sister that says yes Didi. In the game after Harman now the turn of Soumya. Harman says please say I Love You to me. Soumya says I Love you to Harman in front of everyone and then she go away from there. Nimmi and Surbhi also going behind Soumya. Preeto smiles to see Harman happy.

The serial will continue on Sunday. So please wait we will update this episode on coming Sunday on 14th August 2016.

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