Shakti 12th December 2016 Written Episode 146 Update

Shakti 12th December 2016 Written Episode 146, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Suddenly, Preeto is coming there and then catches her red handed. She says to Soumya that we are giving you food two times it doesn’t mean that we are accepting you. Just go out from here now. Soumya says that I am making a soup for Harman ji, you will give him and he will be getting alright soon.Soumya feels so bad and goes from there.

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Here Doctor is coming to check up Harman. He is checking his blood pressure. Harak Singh asks what happened? Is everything alright? Doctor replies that everything is normal, I already wrote all the medicines. Due to which Harman’s pain will be getting finish day by day. Apart from this he will eat well and take rest properly. Then, he will get alright soon.

Here Police is coming there and says to Police Inspector that Harman met with an accident only because of his car breaks got failed. Now the question arises, that car breaks were getting fail by someone or itself. He was going to meet Raavi’s father-in-law and then went to bought vegetables. Harak Singh is getting shocked and asks who told Harman to bring vegetables. Shanno says that I told him. Varun says to Police Officer to find out the culprit as soon as possible. Soumya is coming inside Harman’s room behind all. She is trying to make Harman wake up to take a soup. But he is sleeping. Soumya is about to go but Harman catches her hand and says her to sit with him.

Shakti 12th December 2016 Written Episode 146:

Soumya is getting shocked when he catches her hand. She asks were you not sleeping? He says no. I was enjoying your missing vibes. Here Preeto is coming towards Harman’s room. She says to Harman to get up and takes a soup first. He says that you just sit here and then I will feel good. Harman says her that I love you so much. She gets emotional and says that you have to take a soup first and then. She is trying to go away from there. But Harman makes her to sit there and he puts her hand on his head just to ask her feelings for him. He asks do you love me? Soumya replies that a kinnar never loves anyone. Preeto is coming there and then gets shocked to see this. She is coming back into the hall room. She is sitting there angrily. Harak asks what happened? What is going on? They are asking so many times. Preeto says that I want a girl who will come into Harman’s life  and then throw Soumya out from the house. So that I want a girl ever black, beautiful, bad or anything else. I want a girl only. Shanno says that why another girl? Don’t you forget what you did with my sister? Preeto says that she is coward, so that she was running out from here. If she was strong then she have to stay here and throws Soumya out from this house.

Shakti 12th December 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, when all people are coming there in the hall room. She throws Soumya very badly on the floor. Apart from this, she slaps her very badly and says that you are trying to make my son kinnar. Thereafter, she will take Harman into her world. So that’s why she is trying to go near to her after that I told her not to go near to him. She slaps Soumya very badly. 

After some time, Harman is coming there and asks everyone who slapped Soumya? He catches Soumya’s hand and asks her who slapped you. She stands silent and then doesn’t say a single word. Harman says that I won’t leave that person who slapped my Soumya. Click here-> Shakti 9th December 2016 written update

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