Shakti 12th September 2016 Written Episode 79 Update

Shakti 12th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 79, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12 Sep 2016 on

The Sunday episode of Shakti Written Update Ki continues with the scene in which Nimmi and Harman. Harman is going to meet Nimmi to ask her about Soumya. Harman will ask Nimmi that is she find anything about to meet Soumya. Will she get any clues or anything which helps in knowing about Soumya’s place? Nimmi will say to Harman to break every relation with Soumya. Harman is shocked to hear Nimmi’s word. On the other side, Saya is very happy to take Soumya in her world. She will say to a kinnar to get ready Soumya as we are. That Kinner is going to make Soumya as same as all kinnar looks.

She makes Soumya ready with make up and she is looking so different and pretty. Saya comes in that room in which that Kinner is being ready to Soumya. Saya tells to Soumya that she finds her reality as kinnar in her childhood. Saya also tells Soumya that she had tried many times to take her with herself in their world but Nimmi is not ready to accept Soumya reality. Saya will say to Soumya that she is very beautiful and pretty in comparison to our whole community. Harman says to Nimmi that I am not breaking my relation with you, if you will get any news about Soumya then you will inform me. Nimmi makes a promise to him.

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Shakti 12th September 2016 Written Update Episode 79:

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Here Saya tells to Soumya that you are looking so pretty in this make-up. Soumya is still silent and doesn’t say anything to anyone. Saya says to her that today is your day and you have to look beautiful at any cost. After some time, Soumya gets ready and looks just alike a kinnar. She looks at herself in a mirror and thinks about Harman. She thinks that she got ready in her marriage like this and now I got ready again but the time has been changed.

Suddenly, the main head of Kinnar is coming there and gets so happy to see Soumya in a kinnar avatar. But she gets stuck on Soumya’s manglasutra. She asks Soumya why are you wearing this? Soumya says that, this is last memory of my Harman ji and I will not give this to anyone. Suddenly, Saya break that manglasutra and throw it out. Soumya cries a lot and asks them why you did this? Saya says, manglasutra is an item for married females and you are not a female. Soumya cries a lot.

Saya brings her out and all other kinnar are also coming there. They are about to do pooja. Saya gives a pooja thali to Soumya and says her to do pooja Soumya does a pooja. Kinnar head says to Soumya that you will say those words now what I can say. Soumya says ok. Soumya repeats all the word which the head said. Saya smiles. After some time, Soumya is going into the kitchen where she takes a knife and writes Harman’s name on her hand by saying that nobody will remove this name from me.

Shakti 12th September 2016 Written:

After some time, Guruma says to all that now we are going to change Soumya’s name. But Soumya says that she likes her name and that’s why she nevere want to change her name. Guruma gets angry and asks Saya that which name is best for her? Saya finalize her name and says that her new name is ‘Tarrana.” All kinnar party claps a lot and laughs.

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