Shakti 13th December 2016 Written Episode 147 Update

Shakti 13th December 2016 Written Episode 147, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Preeto slaps Soumya very badly. Here Harman is getting indulge in Soumya’s memories in his room. He thinks that Soumya is such a rose, she is coming here with rose fragrance and when she is going from here, I smell┬árose fragrance from my room. Here Preeto catches Soumya’s face tightly and says her to stay away from my son and here what are you doing here?

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She threatens Soumya very badly. Preeto says her that if I will see you with my son then I will kill you by my hands. Soumya says that I was going there not for doing anything wrong. Here Harman is talking to himself that he loves Soumya a lot and her kinnar avatar is nothing for him. He says that I love you pure heart and nothing else. Here Preeto says her that you are trying to make my son kinnar and then consider him into your category. Soumya says that I was making a soup for him just for his injuries and nothing else. Preeto says that don’t you think that you are doing according to my rule. Preeto throws her on the floor.

Suddenly, Surbhi, Nani, and Maninder are coming there. All people are getting shocked to see this. Soumya says that I was getting slipped down very badly and nothing else. Surbhi is going near to Preeto that if she was trying to snatch Harman from you then she was going with him when he was going to leave this home. But she wasn’t go anywhere else.

Shakti 13th December 2016 Written Episode 147:

Surbhi says that my didi is living here only for the happiness of Harman and nothin else. So please keep her happily here for the happiness of your son. In the last, if you want to shout and scolds then scolds me only no my sister. ok. Surbhi is giving an emotional support to Soumya. Varun is coming there and says to Surbhi that I am so sorry on everybody’s behalf.

Varun says that let me take you to the Harmans’s room. Soumya is not going from there. Surbhi and Nani are coming in Harman’s room. Preeto is going from there. Harman is trying to get up. Surbhi tells him to lay down comfortably. Maninder asks him about his health. Harman says I am alright. Varun says them to talk to each other and I am coming back here soon.

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