Shakti 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya is in Harman’s room. She decorates it completely and giving a big thanks to God for giving such a good sister. Surbhi comes there and says to Soumya that I am also very lucky to have you as my sister. Soumya brings her inside and makes her sit on the sofa. After this, Soumya tells her everything about Harman that what he likes or what he doesn’t.

Here Maninder is talking to Preeto and Harak Singh about her daughter Surbhi. He says that I also hate Soumya but please don’t give any punishment to my Surbhi ever. Bebe says that Maninder is saying right that Surbhi is our lovely daughter, so please keep her safely here. Harak Singh says that you don’t worry, we will give all respect or right to Surbhi whatever she deserves. Maninder and Bebe are saying thank you to them.

Nani is also going from there. Soumya says her to stay here for some time. Nani says that I am so happy today even my Nimmo is also getting so happy to see all this. So that I will go back to my home and sleeps relax fully. She says to Soumya that you tied in a new relationship with Surbhi from now onward and you will support her every time. Soumya says ok.

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Shakti 13th January 2017 Written Update:

Preeto says to Soumya that it’s good that Surbhi and Harman are getting married finally. So you just shift yourself in one corner of this house which is just apart from Harman. Soumya feels bad and she is going into her room where she gets Harman. She asks what is he doing here? He replies that you are my wife and I have a right to come here anytime.

Harman is looking at her so sweetly. They both are recalling the past moments which they spend together. Soumya says that today is your first wedding night with Surbhi and that’s why you have to go to your room right now. Soumya takes his hand and leaves him in his room where Surbhi is sitting alone. Read more-> Shakti 16th January 2017 written update. Soumya comes out by closing the door.

Shakti 13 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Here Harak and Preeto are going inside their room where he is about to switch off the lights. Preeto says him not to switch off the light today because I am so happy by thinking that all happiness is coming in our home finally. Harak hugs her and gets so happy to see Preeto happy. After some time, Surbhi is sitting on the bed to get sleep. But Harman stops her by saying that, you won’t sleep here because this is my Gulabo’s place and I won’t share gulabo’s thing with anyone. Here Soumya is getting emotional to think about Harman and a song plays on,’Jagg Begana Hogya Na Peer Parai Samjhe.’

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