Shakti 14th December 2016 Written Episode 148 Update

Shakti 14th December 2016 Written Episode 148, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Harman is coming in the hall room and he shouts very badly. He calls everybody there and blood is releasing out into the Harman’s injury. Preeto and all other people are coming there. Preeto asks what happened? Why are you coming here? Is everything alright? Harman asks her, I want to know who slapped Soumya like this.

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Preeto says that I did this. Harman says that I already know but I want to make it clear. So that I was asking all this from you. Harman shouts and says to the Harak that I want partition because I don’t want to live with you from now onwards. I want all property papers and want my piece too. All people are getting shocked. Click here-> Shakti 13th December 2016 written update.

Harak Singh is coming there and shouts very badly. He says that you need a partition He says to Preeto that see, here son is asking for the partition. I will call a lawyer in the morning and he will do partition of this house. Viren is coming there. Harak Singh stops him and says that you have to stay away from this matter. Shanno thinks that everything is going according to my plan.

Shakti 14th December 2016 Written Episode 148:

Harman says that I am going into my room and nobody will be coming into my area. Even Preeto will not come there. He asks Soumya for the help because he is having a pain into his leg. So that she will take him into his room. Here Surbhi is sitting on her bed and waiting for Nani. Suddenly, Nani is coming there. Surbhi says her to sleep with her because she doesn’t want to sleep alone.

Nani is ready to sleep there. Here Maninder and Beeji are talking to each other. Maninder is shouting a lot. Surbhi is getting angry and decides to talk to him. Nani stops her by saying that Maninder is your father and please don’t say anything to him. You have to give respect to him because he is your father. Here Soumya and Harman are coming into the room where they are talking to each other.

Shakti 14th December 2016 Written Episode 148:

Soumya says to Harman that I am feeling so bad because mummy ji was feeling so bad and all people are talking to each other about me that I provoked you for saying this partition matter. Harman asks are you a prime minister of this country? She says no. He says then what are you saying all this. Soumya says that I just want to see you happy with everyone. But here I am thinking bad that you are getting separate from them only because of me. Harman says that stop saying all this. I love you so much and you may come here any time any day. Harman is only yours. Here some people are coming at Maninder’s home just to say him to control his daughter Surbhi. Surbhi is coming there and asks what happened? Maninder sends her inside. After some time, Surbhi is coming back and asks what happened. Maninder says that people are saying about you and Harman’s relationship.

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