Shakti 14th November 2016 Written Episode 126 Update

Shakti 14th November 2016 Written Episode 126 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that the Soumya is going with the Sheikh’s. They tied Soumya inside the car and goes from there. Here Harman is reaching at the place where Surbhi is present. Surbhi screams and says that some Sheikh  took Soumya di with them. Please go and save her. Harman runs away from there. He is going

Kidnappers are getting shocked to hear Surbhi’s line. They are asking who are you? Catch this girl and Harman sir too. Harman says you did wrong with me that you caught my Soumya. How? Suddenly, they hears a police siren. Kidnappers are running away from there. Harman catches one of them and asks where is Soumya.

Harman runs away from there. He is going behind the car and coming just at a side of that car. He calls Soumya’s name. They take Police help and goes behind the Soumya’s car. Surbhi and Mallika are saying to the police to please drive fast, we have to stop them before reaching to an Airport.

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Shakti 14th November 2016 Written Episode 126:

Here Soumya is feeling so headache. But when Harman is coming at her side. He calls Soumya’s name again and again. Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is screaming a lot. But when she sees Harman there. She is getting so much excited to see him. She is jumping inside the car. Kidnapper catches Soumya tightly inside the car.

Suddenly, Sheikh says to drive fast and they take a turn. Harman also follows them. He calls Soumya again and again. Harman says that you don’t worry, I will save you. Sheikh says to Soumya to please sit here otherwise, I will throw you out from the window. But Soumya is saying Harman’s name again and again.

Harman is jumping on the car and tries to go inside the car. Sheikh orders the driver to drive fast. Here Harman’s balance is getting disturbed due to fast speed. But he is trying hard to maintain himself on the car roof. He opens the car window and then Soumya is going outside from the car in a very speedy manner. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight.

She is hanging on the plant stem. But Harman thinks Soumya is falling down and she got die. He starts to beat Sheikh and car driver very badly. Suddenly, he hears Soumya’s voice. He gets happy and starts to save her by using a rope. He throws a rope for her but she is not catching that rope easily. Harman says that you have to do this. But she is not catching. Harman is going downside to save her.

Shakti 14th November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Harman brings Soumya safely where Mallika and Surbhi are waiting for them. Firstly Soumya gets faint and then Harman springs some water on her face. Soumya is coming in a conscious state. She asks for Surbhi. So that Surbhi and Mallika are coming there. Soumya hugs her and gets so happy.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam why you are not giving reply to my comments I miss you very much please read my messages and reply I am waiting
    Today’s episode was very nice specially surbi cries for sowmya and stand for her and fight S for her sister was awesome surbi and sowmya sister sentiment was excellent and Harman fights for sowmya and saves her he is doing everything for her but lastly he said you our my friend we fans cant feel harmans love but sowmya want to live his life with Harman and cries sowmya loves Harman truly deeply and in many ways she proved is love to Harman but still now Harman can’t understand sowmya S love and he can’t feel her love he is not realising his love sowmya their is no words to tell .and because of preeto only nimmi died but she is not having any gilti conscious preeto is very criminal but harak sing is a good hearted person he also not realise sowmya pain and love .in this serial no one is good hearted person every one selfish .we fans was waiting for Harman and sowmya love affection romance to see but every time the director disappointed us .mahi is not necessary in the serial because their many character in the serial please use them also and sowmya face many problems but still now no understand her we fans request you to answer these questions
    Will harman come to no about his mother preeto plans that preeto only planed to kidnap sowmya ?will Harman come to no that because of preeto only nimmi died ?will Harman hate his mother preeto and teach her a lesson ?will surbi take revenge with preeto ? Will surbi marry varun? Will maninder accept sowmya as nimmi request ?will harak sing accept sowmya ?we fans dont no what comments to give .from the beginning of the serial still now only hurting sowmya and always making her to cry it is boring we fans and audience can’t feel anything their is no love affection sentiment romance nothing in the serial it is a big disappointed to the audience and fans of your serial please read the message and give your reply I am waiting for your reply from past 10days sanaya mam I kindly request you to reply for this question s

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