Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

This serial starts with the scene in which Harman is getting shocked to know about Soumya’s truth. But he is not ready to trust Soumya, he thinks that Soumya is lying to him. But Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is saying again and again, to please, believe me, I am a kinnar. Harman gets angry and brings her downstairs. All the family that is, Harak Singh, Preeto, Nimmi, Surbhi, and all other are getting shocked to see this drama. Preeto and Harak are asking to Harman that what happened? Why are you behaving like this? What is going on? Harman says that if you people wants to know that truth then you have to ask Soumya for this. Nimmi and Surbhi are folding their hands in front of Harman and says that please give permission to Soumya to live here only for next 16 days. Otherwise, she will not alive anymore if you will throw her out from the house. But Harman is not ready to hear anything. Saya is also coming there and says to Soumya that if all family will come to know your truth then I will take you with me. Soumya gets scared and starts to cry a lot. Harman says to all that you people asks Soumya that why she cut her wrist? Preeto also supports Harman. But Harak Singh is laughing a lot and he is trying to make Harman happy. After this, he says to Soumya that you are the only one who makes my son a right man.

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Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Episode:

Harak Singh says to all that we have to give some private time to Harman and Soumya. He says to Varun to book Shimla tickets for them. Varun starts to pull Harman’s leg but Harman is looking so upset and angry. Soumya is also standing there very silent. Harman says to all that I made this relationship by all wish but I will carry out this relation by my own wishes. Harak Singh says to him that you  can do what you want but you will never touch a finger to my Bahu Rani in an anger. Nimmi is crying a lot. Suddenly, Saya is coming there with her all group. Harak Singh welcomes them with his open heart. He asks Saya what happened? Why are you coming here? Saya says that we are coming here for celebrating happiness of your son’s marriage and for your beautiful bride. Preeto says to them that you were coming before some time,and also took your neg. But Saya says that I am coming her today with my whole group and also take my ‘Man Chaha Neg.’ They starts to dance on the song, ‘Raja ki Ayegi Barat, Rangili Hogi Raat, Magan Mai Nachungi.’ Harak Singh gives a lot of money to Saya. She becomes so happy and  then she goes near to Soumya. She says to her that all these people are your, only I am your family. Soumya and Nimmi are crying a lot. Saya says that I will come back soon and takes you away with us. Nimmi and Soumya are getting scared. Saya goes from there. Preeto says to Nimmi that now Soumya is recovering and Harman also takes care of her. So you don’t worry, and packs your bag. Driver will drop you at your home tomorrow. Harak Singh is trying to handle the situation but Preeto continues her evil words. Nimmi says to her that I also think the same. Here Manider is talking with Saya and asks her about Soumya. Whether she bring Soumya from Harak Singh’s home or not? Saya says that no, she didn’t bring her. Maninder is getting angry. Harman is coming in his room. Soumya says to him please come here and you have to sleep here on the bed and I will sleep on the sofa. Harman scolds her very badly and dis-respect her very badly. Soumya is feeling so bad and she recalls Saya’s words.

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