Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode 149 Update

Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode 149, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Surbhi is coming to talk to Maninder about the matter. He says that you are thinking to ruin my image only instead of taking care of her sister. Surbhi feels so bad and says that I am so sorry papa. Please forgive me for this. Here Harak Singh is coming in the hall room and he shouts a lot. He calls Harman there and says that you just look at the time, I am coming here with property papers. So you have to come here soon.

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Viren is coming there and asks what happened? Please don’t anything serious because he is not so mature for this. He was in anger and now you are behaving like this. Soumya is coming there and prays to god to please stop this. Harman is coming downstairs and then Varun is running towards him just to give support to him. Soumya is coming in the Preeto’s room and says her to stop this.

Please don’t let it happen. She is folding her hands in front of Preeto and says that if my death will solve everything then please give me a poison now. Soumya added that if I will do anything for this then please tell me. Preeto is recalling all the words which Surbhi said to her. Suddenly, Preeto phone is ┬áringing up. Maninder is calling her. She takes the call.

Maninder says that you were always trying to slow down an image of my daughter Surbhi. He says that, all villagers were attaching my Surbhi’s name with Harman. Preeto cuts the phone call and thinks on his words. ┬áHere Harak Singh says to Harman that take your property papers now and never told me that I never gave something to you.Preeto is coming in between and takes those papers.

Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode 149:

She can open the file first and then close it. Preeto snatches those papers in front of Harak Singh and Harman. Harak Singh is getting shocked to see this and asks what are you doing Preeto? She says that we have only one son then everything is Harman’s only. So what di you mean by partition. After this, she says to Harman that this house is yours, property is yours, me and your father are also yours. So please don’t do any partition.

After this, she says to all that nobody will sya anything amid Harman and Soumya. Even we will follow Harman’s rules and regulations in this home. Even Harman will run this home according to his thinking. Harman is getting shocked and thinks that what is going on in Preeto’s mind.

Preeto is thinking a plan and she decides to talk to Soumya about this matter. Due to which, her son’s life will be getting easy and happy. She is going to Soumya’s room and then says that I have a proposal for you. Due to which you will be staying here happily and I am also happy. Soumya replies that if this proposal will bring happiness in Harman’s life then I will do it.

Preeto says to Soumya that you will bring Surbhi in this house by making her as Harman’s wife. Soumya is getting shocked to hear this. Preeto asks what happened? Soumya says nothing but she is getting shattered to see this. Click here-> Shakti 14th December 2016 written update

Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode 149:

Here Surbhi says to Maninder that I am ready to get marry. He gets so happy and then says that Abhishek won’t get ready to marry you anymore. Surbhi says that you don’t worry, I will talk to them. She calls Abhishek to meet. They meet each other and then Surbhi says that I am ready to marry you. She asks are you ready to marry me? Abhishek says ofcource, I am alright and gets ready to marry you. He asks, you are taking this decision at your own or your father’s happiness. Surbhi says that I am doing this only for my happiness and my father’s happiness. Surbhi asks will your parents get ready to marry me? He says it’s really a difficult for them to understand this but I am a single son, so that I will make them ready to marry you.

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