Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Episode 82 Update

Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 82, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti Ki continues with the scene in which Soumya is trying to run away for the kinnar house. She thinks that how she will run from there. She recalls an idea which was given by the Surbhi once a time. She tied a dupatta with the bed and then jump from the first-second floor from her room by the help of Dupatta.  After so many efforts, she gets a chance and finally she run away from there. But when she comes out, some drunken boys are sitting outside. They don’t know Soumya is a kinnar. They starts to tease Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. She is trying to save herself. But she is unable to save her. All the boys are coming near to her. She shouts and asks for the help. Suddenly, Saya is coming there and starts to beat these boys very badly. She says that she is not a normal girl , she is a kinnar. So why you people are teasing here.

Those goons are getting shocked after to hear Soumya’s reality. Saya takes Soumya inside their home. She asks Soumya what are you doing there? Soumya gets silent and scared too. On the other side, Harman is trying to find out Soumya but Harak Singh is closing his all ways from all sides. Harman is getting tensed to think about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. All the goons asked Saya that how she is related to you. Saya says she is my daughter. She is pious and beautiful as well but she is not a girl.

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Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Update Episode 82:

Here Doctor is coming to see Nimmi. She can do her check up and says that she need a long time sleep. Surbhi asks Is she fine? Doctor says she is completely fine but she is missing Soumya again and again. Maninder is coming there and asks Doctor about Nimmi that Is she fine or not? Doctor says she is fine but you have to call Soumya here because she is the solution of her illness. Maninder says that she is going to her in-laws house after marriage and that’s why she is missing her.

Then Doctor says you don’t worry, you will call her to meet her mother. Therefore, she will feel better. Maninder says ok. Here Saya brings Soumya in the home and throws her on the bed. She scolds Soumya very badly. Kareena, Guruma, and all other kinnars are also coming there. But Soumya is sitting silent. Guruma says to Saya to leave daughter’s love and we will kept her inside the room further. Apart from this we will kept her under observation.

Two kinnars are sitting in her room. But after some time, they gets to sleep. Soumya wakes up and trying to find out the phone. After some time, she gets a phone and she makes a call to Harman. But he is not picking her call.  She can do two or three times but he is not replying to her. She gets tensed. After some time, she makes a call to Nimmi but her phone is going to be switched off. She is trying again and again. But nobody is taking her call. She thinks that maybe nobody wants her back.

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