Shakti 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

This serial starts with the scene in which Harman and all his family is sitting together for the breakfast in the morning. Soumya is also standing there. She is about to serve Harman but he stops her by doing this. He says to Raavi to serv food to him. Soumya gets shocked. Raavi says to him that here is your wife then why are you telling me for serving the food. She makes so many faces. Harman says that if Soumya will serve food to me then I will throw food and plate very badly on the floor without thinking anything. All people are getting shocked after to hear Harman aka Vivian Dsena’s words. Soumya is looking so tensed and Preeto thinks that what is going on? Ehat happened in between Soumya and Harman. Why Harman is looking so upset from Soumya’s side. Let see whether Preeto will find out the truth or not?

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Shakti 16th August 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Surbhi and Nimmi are getting ready for going back to their home. Varun (Harman’s younger brother) is coming near to Surbhi and says that how I will live without you? Simmi says that who I am? Here is your all family then why are you saying this? Varun replies to her that I will miss you when you will leave this house. Simmi says that why you will miss me. I was coming here just for my Di and nothing else. Varun continuously doing flirt with Surbhi. After some time, Varun is going to his room in a drunken state and starts to talk with himself. He says that why I am looking so bad. Even Harak Singh is doing discrimination in between me and Harman. But when I will get marry with Surbhi then I will come in just equal to Harman. After some time, Nimmi and Subrhi are leaving the home. Nimmi says to Harman to take care of Saumya. Preeto taunts Nimmi and says that why are you saying this, all girls are going to their in-laws house, Soumya is not the 8th wonder. Harak Singh comes in between and says that you don’t worry, we will take care of her and nurture just like a daughter not like a daughter-in-law.

After some time, Harman is going to his room in an anger and frustration. So that he starts to break all things in a room. Soumya comes there and gets shattered after to see his anger. She is trying to handle him but Harman is not getting ready to hear any word from her mouth. Harman Singh says to Soumya that I see my mistake in you, when you come in front of me then I feel my mistake. So don’t you dare to touch me and get lost. Soumya cries a lot and asks god why you do all this to me. After some time, Harak Singh calls a photographer at home. Harak Singh says to the photographer to click a well and good picture of my family. Now all family members are coming there and take a pose for the photo in which Soumya and Harman are standing apart from each other in an awkward situation. Photographer says them to come near to each other. He clicks so many pictures in which Harman is looking so angry. After photos, Harman says to Soumya to leave him and stay away.

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