Shakti 16th December 2016 Written Episode 150 Update

Shakti 16th December 2016 Written Episode 150, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Preeto says that Soumya that if Harman will get marry to Surbhi then a baby will come here and he will do everything alright here. We need only a baby and nothing else. As you know, you are responsible for this bad condition of our house. Soumya is getting shattered and shouts on Preeto by saying that how do you think that I will spoil my choti’s life like this. Suddenly, she remembers that she is at Preeto’s home. She gets silent. Preeto says that I think all this just like your mother was thinking about your Harman and your marriage. Preeto says that your sister will do everything alright and you both sisters will be living here happily. So that I am thinking about Surbhi and Harman’s marriage. She convinces Soumya for this marriage by saying that after some time when Harman will be getting aged, he will think about his child and then he will marry with another girl. Don’t know whom he will bring here as his wife in future then how will you stay here near to Harman. So that here is only one thing, this proposal is profitable for you and me. Preeto is going from there. Soumya thinks that what mummy was saying to me? Harman and Choti, how is it possible? How? She is getting tensed very badly. She thinks that Harman won’t marry anyone and he won’t let me go from here. But there is one reality that another girl won’t accept me here with Harman.

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Shakti 16th December 2016 Written Episode 150:

After some time, Harman is calling someone for the water. He says that I need a water for taking a medicine. Shanno replies that you just wait, I am going to bring a water for you. Preeto comes there and says that nobody will help him. He was getting a partition if partition didn’t happen it doesn’t mean that everything is alright. Harman says that I have an injury in my leg but my is not broken. So that I will take water on my own.

Soumya is coming there. Harman says her to bring water for him. Soumya is going towards the kitchen. Preeto stops her by saying that she won’t go inside, it’s my kitchen and I am giving a permission to her to do this. After some time, Preeto says that Soumya that I am giving you an opportunity to spend some time with him and makes him ready for the marriage.

Here Surbhi and Nani are talking to each other about Abhishek. Nani says that if you will be getting married to Abhishek then your feet will be getting strong and in future, you will easily support Soumya. Surbhi says that my birthday is coming and then I will fix a meeting with Abhishek and brings Soumya didi too to meet him. Nani says ok. Surbhi says that don’t know Abhishek will permit me to help di or not? Nani says that you don’t worry, I have a full trust on Abhishek that he will never stop you from doing this. He is just like my Nimmo.

Shakti 16th December 2016 Written Episode 149:

Preeto says to Soumya that you have to go and talk to Harman about this matter. Soumya is going to talk to Harman and try to bring this matter on the¬†track like she asks Chandra that how will we think about you future because I am not a female. Harman says that I love you and you love me, it’s enough for me. Apart from this, we will adopt a child.¬†Click here-> Shakti 15th December 2016 written update

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