Shakti 16th November 2016 Written Episode 128 Update

Shakti 16th November 2016 Written Episode 128 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that the After some time, Soumya and Surbhi are going back to the home where they get so many people by wearing white clothes. Surbhi asks why are you wearing so simple clothes? Is everything alright in our home? They are getting silent and not replying anything. Soumya calls maa. But when they are going inside, they get Nimmi dead. They are getting shocked very badly.

Surbhi is saying to Nimmi to please get up. I brought your Soumy abck to home by passing so many hurdles. Surbhi is crying a lot. She screams a lot. Soumya is coming there and sits with her. She says to Nimmi that I am getting so hungry and you know I can’t handle my hunger. Please get up and make a kheer for me.

Please get up. Soumya says to Surbhi to please say to Maa to plase get up because she is not hearing me. Soumya is catching his both ears and saying sorry to her. She asks why are you getting upset from me. Please get up. Surbhi is coming there and says to Soumya that maa is no more. Soumya says don’t say all of this. I did a lot of shopping for you and you are not looking at me. She brings a shopping bag there and shows her dupatta to Nimmi. But Nimmi is not opening her eyes. Soumya is saying again and again.

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Shakti 16th November 2016 Written Episode 128:

Kalsi says to Soumya that Surbhi is saying right, please don’t say all this. You are always taking Surbhi’s side. Nani is coming there and says to Soumya to please stop all this. Nimmi was going to leave us here alone. Please don’t do this. Some ladies are saying that Soumya is in trauma and it’s really important for her to cry a lot.

Soumya and Surbhi are getting shattered to see all this. Soumya says that chudail is coming to take me away. Please get up and save me. Nimmi is not reacting. Soumya is crying a lot. Harman hugs her and says that you don’t worry. Everything is getting alright. Harman is trying to handle everything.

Soumya says that I know very well that she is sleeping so light and I know how she will get up. Harman is getting shocked to see Soumya’s madness. He says to Soumya that she will never get up. She got tired and want to sleep deep. So that’s why she got sleep and never wakes up. She will never make a kheer for you. Soumya reminisces Nimmi and gets bursts out very badly.

Shakti 16th November 2016 Written:

She screams a lot and hugs Nimmi very badly.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam how are you why what happen to you why you are not giving reply for me I am waiting for your reply every day from November 3rd still now I am not getting your reply I am very much disappointed. sanaya mam I know that you are very busy but spend some time for your friend revathi. I really miss you very much please this is my kind request to you.
    Today’s episode was very emotional sowmya and surbi miss nimmi and cries it was perfect when we fans saw we got tears .the director bring S sister S sentiment mother sentiment and friend sentiment we fans can feel that emotion but why we fans cant feel Harman and sowmya love ?why Harman say that sowmya his friend for him ? Why Harman is not realising sowmya S love ?why Harman is not saying strongly that sowmya his wife and he loves her ? Why still now Harman don’t no about his mother preeto and because of her only nimmi died? we fans accept something but the director is not showing what we fans want if Harman leaves sowmya then their is no value for nimmis death .their is limit for fans patient this is to much from a long time we fans waiting for Harman and sowmya love story and Harman will accept sowmya and prove his love to her .it is really hurting us please read this message and give your reply i am waiting.

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