Shakti 16th September 2016 Written Episode 83 Update

Shakti 16th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 83, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti continues with the scene in which Soumya is making a call to Nimmi, Surbhi, and Harman. But they don’t pick her call. Soumya is getting upset. Here Nimmi is thinking about Soumya. She is sleeping bu getting a number of flashbacks in her dream. She is missing Soumya very badly. Suddenly, she wakes up and seeing Soumya in front of her. So that Soumya asks Nimmi that Can I bring a tea for you. After this, Soumya is going from there. Nimmi shouts Soumya Soumya. She is trying to run from her bed. But Surbhi and her nani are getting up and trying to handle Nimmi.

Here Saya is talking to Soumya about other society. She is asking Soumya that what do you want? Why are you trying to run away from here? Why are you thinking about Nimmi and Surbhi? Here you will get all relations like sister, brother, mother, and so many. Kareena, and all other kinnars are saying that we are you sister. Saya gets happy and asks Soumya that what are you thinking about all these relations. Soumya shouts and says that I don’t consider all these in my life. I have so many other relations like I am someone’s daughter, someone’s daughter-in-law, and someone’s wife. Saya laughs and says who husband who wife?

In the next day morning, all the Kinnars are sitting together and doing some work. Harman is doing a back call on the same number. One of the Kinnar is picking his call. Harman says that he got two or three calls from this number in last night. Guruma is also present there. She catches and says that Tarrana was doing all this. She says that Soumya was trying to give a hint to her family about her location. So that they will come here anytime.

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Shakti 16th September 2016 Written Episode 83:

Soumya looks on. She gets scared from Guruma’s punishment. Kareena is trying to save her. But Guruma is not ready to hear anyone. Here Harman starts to think that who was calling him so many times. After some time, something clicks in his mind that maybe Soumya was calling him. So that he decides to trace this number of and gets the location.  But when he comes to know this phone is present in Bhatinda location. He thinks that Bhatinda is a very big place and how he will find out Soumya there.

Kareena wakes up and says that I made these phone calls for asking how many children were getting birth in last two or three days. But Guruma is not ready to trust Kareena. Saya says as you say, Kareena was making a call. Guruma says to Saya that why are you closing your eyes? I know Soumya made a call to her family. Guruma is getting angry and says to Kareena that you are trying to spoil her life, don’t you think that you are saving her life. After this Guruma says to Kareena that you just get ready and go for the work.

Apart from this, Guruma says to Rani and her friend to look after to Soumya all the time. Here Harman also reads the message from the same number from which he got the number of miss calls. He read out that message and that is ‘M Yahan Se Bhagna Chahti Hu, Kase Bhagu.’ Harman thinks a lot and then comes to know that Soumya send this message. He makes a call to Surbhi and calls her to meet him.

Shakti 16th September 2016 Written:

Raavi hears Harman and Surbhi conversation. She is going in Preeto’s room and tells her that ‘Soumya Ka bhoot abhi bhai ke sir se htaa nahi hai.’ Preeto asks why are you saying all this. Raavi tell everything to Preeto thar Harman was calling Surbhi somewhere to meet because he wants to talk to her about Soumya. Here Harman tells everything to Surbhi about the phone calls and message. Surbhi says to Harman that we have to find out the location of that number and then we will get Soumya’s loction. Harman finds out the location and then comes to know that Soumya is in Gaziabad.

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