Shakti 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 17th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Harman’s younger brother is coming back to the home from the jail where Harman scolds him very badly and not to giving any permission to him to stay here. Harak and Preeto are trying to make Harman ready to accept his brother again. But he is not ready to accept him. His younger brother is going from there but Preeto stops him and asks where will you go?

Soumya says to Harman to please stop Varun from going here because he did everything after to think about you. So you please let him stay here. Harman is going from there. Preeto brings him inside. Here Maninder is coming from an outside and calls Surbhi ith water. But nobody is replying him. He asks where is Surbhi. Bebe and Nani are coming there and makes him remember that Surbhi is in her at in-laws house.

Harman is coming in his room and gets Surbhi’s clothes in his wardrobe. He gets angry and then he throws her clothes outside the Almira. Soumya is coming there and sees everything. Surbhi says that I am taking clothes to wash them. Harman asks Soumya that why are you maintaining distance from him.

Shakti 17th January 2017 Written Update:

She doesn’t like him then why is she engraved his name on her hand. Soumya says I don’t know and then goes from there. Preeto hears everything. After some time, Soumya says that I am going from here now because there will be a lot of work in the kitchen. Here Surbhi is alone in her room where Varun is coming there and catches her hand. He threatens her because she married Harman in front of his eyes.

He asks her what did you do this? Why are you coming here as Harman’s wife? Surbhi is getting angry and she slaps Varun very badly. She added that I am your elder brother’s wife and if you will try to come close to me then I won’t leave you easily. After some time, Preeto comes there and makes Varun understand that Surbhi is his bhabhi and he never tries to cross his limits. Read more->  Shakti 18th January 2017 written update

Shakti 17 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Here Harak Singh is doing work out and Bindu is counting his exercise. After some time, Viren is coming there and try to say something. Harak understand says to Preeto to return their mobile as soon as possible. Here Harman catches Soumya’s hand and asks her why is she staying away from him? Why? Soumya is going from there without to give any reply.

After this, Soumya is coming in her room where she recalls Harman’s words? She is crying a lot and missing Harman too. She takes Harman’s photo in her hand and asks his photo that why are you asking the same question to me by knowing that I won’t give any answer to his question? Soumya thinks if I am not taking a birth like a kinnar then I am so close to Harman this time. After some time, Preeto is coming there and says to Soumya that, a name which has written on your hand. Soumya looks on? Preeto says don’t worry, I am not saying you to rub this name. Even though, I am coming here just to give a knife to you because you need it soon. Soumya gets shocked and looks towards her. Preeto says that you are a kinnar and this is a truth which nobody will change it. Soumya cries a lot.

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