Shakti 17th November 2016 Written Episode 129 Update

Shakti 17th November 2016 Written Episode 129 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that the Pandit ji is saying to Maninder to cremate this body. Otherwise, it will be getting late. Maninder says that I am ready, you can do all preparations. Surbhi is coming there and says to him that Soumya will give fire to mummy’s body because she loves Soumya a lot and this is final. Maninder says that, only a husband or a son are giving a fire to a lady. Surbhi says that Soumya di is mummy’s son.

After some time, all people are going to cremate Nimmi’s body whereas Soumya says to Harman that maa considered you as her son. So you please fire to my mummy’s body. Harman gets ready and does it. Soumya and all other people are getting sad.

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Shakti 17th November 2016 Written Episode 129 Update:

After some time, all people are going back to home. Mallika is standing there behind the tree. But when all people are going from there. She is coming near to Nimmi’s cremation. She says to Nimmi that I am coming here to say a good bye and you are such a great fighter. You always fight with me for your daughter Soumya and always became a winner of our game.

Mallika is crying a lot. Here Varun is coming back to the home. Preeto asks where is Harman? He replies that Harman is doing all the rituals which a common family member can do after a death. Chachi says that he was doing wrong because we will not do his marriage with Mahi till on year. Mahi comes there and then says that   I don’t know about this. I am ready to marry Harman.

Preeto is in shock and thinks that what will she do? After some time, Preeto says to Pandit ji to do all preparations of marriage. Mahi gets so happy here. Here Harman and Soumya is on the gate. Maninder scolds her very badly. He says to Soumya not to come inside my home. He added that you have eaten your mother and now you are coming here to eat us.

Harman says that you are such a bad man. Here you wife get a die and still you are behaving like a stone. Maninder says that it’s very easy to say to accept the kinnar but it’s very difficult to stay with the kinnar in this society. Harman says that ok I will take Soumya with me.

Shakti 17th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Preeto says to Varun to make a call to Harman and asks him where is he? Here Harman is not receiving a call. Preeto gets tensed. Here Preeto opens the door and comes to know that Harman brings Soumya with him.

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