Shakti 17th October 2016 Written Episode 106 Update

Shakti 17th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 106, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 17 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which all family members of Harak Singh are preparing for the function of Navratri in which all other people of the village are also coming to attend. So that Harak Singh, Preeto, and Harman are getting tensed to think about the moment when all people will ask about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik.

Varun is getting so excited to see all drama. He is giving some ideas to Preeto. After some time, when all family of Harak Singh are coming in a hall room where all villagers are coming there. They are asking about Soumya again and again. Harak Singh and Preeto are trying to handle the situation. They are giving so many excuses to them but they are not ready to trust them. Actually, they want to see Soumya in the pooja for fulfilling some rituals. Preeto says to them that Soumya is going to her home. So that she is not coming in this pooja.

Harman Singh says to all that, this is my home and here my rules will be going on. Some people are getting ready to accept Harak’s wish. But some people are not ready for this. One of the man is coming there and says to Harak Singh that you have beaten my dad when he was coming here to invite your daughter-in-law in inauguration function. That time, Harak Singh was not behaving well. But now I want to ask everyone about Soumya, where is she?

Shakti 17th October 2016 Written Update Episode 106:

Harak Singh is getting shocked. Suddenly, Harman Singh is coming there and stops everyone. He says that I will give you an answer for this. Preeto says to him that you please go inside and you don’t worry, we will handle this. Harman Singh replies that I will handle them not you people. Soumya is my wife, so that I will resolve this. Therefore, Harman is about to reveal the truth and ready to say that my wife Soumya is a kinnar.

Here Surbhi and Maninder are talking to each other. She says to Maninder that I am going there in a function just to handle the situation. But Maninder is not ready for this. Surbhi says to him that I am happy that Harman jeeju needs di. Maninder scolds her and not giving permission to her to go there. But Surbhi says to him that if you will not give permission to me to go there, then I will not do marriage with anyone.

Shakti 17th October 2016 Written Update:

Finally, Nimmi and Maninder brings Surbhi there at Harak Singh’s function. Where all people are getting shocked but Harak Singh welcomes them very nicely. Harman thinks that what is going on? Here all kinnars are going outside for some work. Guruma asks about Soumya. Kareena says that her health is not good, so that she will not go anywhere.

Guruma says to her that you may also stay here with Soumya. Rani and Raveena are thinking that something is fishy here. But Guruma, Mallika, Rani, Raveena, and all other kinnars are going from there. Therefore, Kareena says to Soumya to do this pooja till anyone will come back here. Soumya asks why Kareena didi? I am just doing pooja, I think this is not wrong. Kareena replies that Guruma consider this wrong. So that she will never give permission to anyone for doing this pooja.

Here Harak and Preeto welcomes Surbhi by calling her as Soumya (Bahu Rani). All people are getting shocked. So that Surbhi and Harman are sitting in a pooja. Harak and Preeto are getting so relax. Harman says thankyou to Surbhi. She replied to him that I am doing all this for Somu di. Harman says ok. Pandit ji is doing all rituals in front of Surbhi and Harman. Here Soumya is doing the same pooja by remebering Harman. She says to matarani to bring her Harman  in front of her as soon as possible. Here Harman and Surbhi are doing pooja as per pandit ji’s direction. Pandit ji serves prashad to all people.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam today’s episode was awesome Harman say thanks to surbi and when he prayers to God for sowmya surbi crys it was awesome there is no words to tell it was mind blowing specially Harman and sowmya they are not together but they both feel their love and they both want to be together. todays episode was very touching the director brought a love feel in our hearts and I myself feel Harman and sowmya love .sanaya mam say to Vivian I like him very much and I am big fan of him .
    This wordings for Vivian
    If you do your best God will do the rest.
    wish you a bright future.
    God bless you
    May your dreams come true
    sanaya mam please send this message to Vivian

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam I have sent my comments on October 14 and 16 in that I asked some questions please read that questions and answers for me and let the director add some sentiment in between harak sing and sowmya let harak sing realise good behavior of sowmya why i say this because sowmya dint get is father love from childhood let she get harak sing love let harak sing understand sowmya and accept her as his daughter in law and stand for her why I say this because who all see your serial in that one person will realise their fault what ever we do we should do in good intention .I accept sowmya is a gay but she is a human being she have heart she have dreams she love someone she admire some thing .her feelings is true we should respect her feelings and support
    Whether it is friendship or relationship all are bound and build by trust and we should guide ond love them we should carefully handle our relationship it is very important

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