Shakti 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 18th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Shanno is getting pain and all people are present there. Soumya brings a soup for Shanno due to which her pain will get finish. But Shanno throws a soup very badly and says that I won’t give anything to my baby from your hand. Shanno calls Soumya a kinnar again and again. Harman is coming there and says that she is my wife first and then something else.

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After this, Shanno screams in a pain and says to bring a Doctor here. Soumya calls a doctor here at home. Harman asks why are you doing this? If she didn’t take anything from your hand then let her bear a pain. Whenever her mind will be coming in center then she will take your soup too. Here Bindu is crying a lot and pray to god to please give a son to my mother this time. Otherwise, tai ji will make bad comments on my mother.

Soumya hears it and she is giving an emotional support to her by saying that everything will be getting alright. Doctor is coming there and checks out Shanno. She gives an injection to her and says that Shanno will be getting alright soon. After some time, Doctor says if Shanno will drink a soup then she will feel good. Surbhi brings a soup there which Doctor makes Shanno to drink that soup.

Shakti 18th January 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Harman is coming in Soumya’s room. He is about to sleep there. Soumya asks what is going on? You have to go back to your room and sleeps there. Harman asks why are you going apart from me? Soumya says please go from here right now. Suddenly, Surbhi is coming there and asks about her phone. Harman is coming back in her room. He looks very angry.

After some time, Surbhi is coming back to her room where Harman takes a drink and then makes a bad comment on Surbhi that you are becoming an enemy of my love. Surbhi is feeling very bad and then sleeps there.

Shakti 18 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Raavi and all other family members are coming there. Kareena asks about Soumya. After some time, Soumya is coming there. Raavi gets angry and she is going to throw Soumya out from the house. Suddenly, Harman is coming there and stops her. Soumya smiles.

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