Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode 130 Update

Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode 130 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Surbhi is talking to Nani that maa gave me one responsibility and I am not fufilling it now. Dadi asks which responsibility? She tells everything to Nani that Nimmki told her to take acre of Soumya all the time. But look here I am not doing so.

Here Varun makes a call to Surnhi asks her about Harman. She replies that Harman went from here, so he will be reaching there soon. Varun says ok and cuts the call. He informs Preeto too. After this Nani tells to Surbhi to make a call to Varun again. Nani tells everything to Varun about Harman, Maninder, and Soumya’s fight. So that Harman took Soumya with him.

Varun gets so happy and makes a drama that he will handle everything. Nani says ok and cuts the call. Maninder is coming there and threatens them very badly. He says that I will never bring Soumya here, I will throw her on the road. Surbhi gets angry and goes to her room. She starts to pack her bag.

Maninder, Nani, Bebe, and Maninder are coming there. He locks Surbhi in the room just to stop her from going anywhere. Nani gives an emotional support to Surbhi. Nani says to her that your maa was also trying to run away from there. But she never left this home. So you have to stay here and fights with situations.

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Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode 130 Update:

Preeto is waiting for Harman very badly. She is getting curious to know where is Harman? Varun says to Preeto that you don’t worry, he will come soon. Here Mahi, Pandit ji, and all other people are waiting for Abhi very curiously. Suddenly, door bell rings up. Preeto is going to open the door. She gets Harman there. She is about to say something.

Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode:

But before that, she sees Soumya with him. She gets shocked. Preeto shouts. Harak Singh is coming there and says to Harman that, we never give you a permission to bring kinnar inside our home. Harman says I will live with her only. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep visiting here for more news of Shakti.

Harak Says to Harman that I will kill her as I told you that kinnar will never come back at our home. Harak Singh is standing in between Harak Singh and Soumya. He says that in my presence, nobody will touch Soumya and she will stay here. Harak Singh is getting angry a lot. Preeto comes there and slaps Harman very badly.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam how are you why you not replying what is the reason everyday I wait for your reply .even my friend S are asking me what reply did sanaya mam gave today I can’t answer them please I request you reply for my comments I no that you are very busy but spend 5mints for me please .
    Today’s episode was nice Harman stands for sowmya against is mother and family it is excellent but he says that sowmya is his friend why Harman not opening is mouth and saying that sowmya is my wife why .and surbi crys for sowmya and remembers nimmi it was awesome .and please answer this question S when will Harman will no about is mother preeto will Harman punish preeto ?will Harman find out that because of preeto only nimmi died ?will surbi marry varun and take revenge with preeto ?
    And we fans kindly request you to not saperat Harman and sowmya once again.when will Harman realise sowmyas love?the director should understand that all the time saperating Harman and sowmya it is little boring as a fan of your serial I want to tell one think that is sowmya is a gay but Harman should take her to hospital and to some treatment for sowmya than only who all seeing your serial will come to no that we can give treatment for a gay child also .

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam thanks for replying I am happy because after a long days I got your reply for my comments .
    Sanaya mam still now Harman don’t know about his mother preeto but after this will he find out the truth of preeto that sowmya is kidnapped by preeto S plan and nimmi died because of preeto only? and maninder his not fit to be a father after this will maninder realise in fault ?and we fans no that varun plays a nagtive character but to marry surbi he should do some good things to sowmya and Harman to win surbi S heart ?will varun marry surbi will surbi take revenge with preeto ?
    sanaya mam continuesly I am asking these questions in many comments but I am not getting reply for this question S please answer for this question .this questions are asked by my friends and family .
    Sanaya mam I no that your are very busy but spend 10 minutes for me and my comments

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