Shakti 18th October 2016 Written Episode 107 Update

Shakti 18th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 107, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 18th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 18 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Harman aka Vivian Dsena brings Surbhi in the room because she is getting faint in the pooja procedure. Harman gets shocked and thinks that what happened with Surbhi? Suddenly, Surbhi gets up and says that I didn’t take water from your hand. So that’s why I did that drama. Harman says ok.

Even though, Harman says thank you to her. Surbhi says that please jeeju, this is my duty. So that I came here just to resolve all issues. Harman says ok. Surbhi says that you don’t worry, I will always help you in all troubles because this is my Somu di’s house and if she is not present there. So that I will handle everything till she will not come back.

Here Harak Singh, Preeto, Maninder, Nimmi, and all other people are getting in controversy with each other. Harak Singh says that you don’t worry, this is our duty because your fame is our fame. Harak Singh says ok. But Maninder is coming in between and says that I am not coming here again. Today I did my all responsibilities and never come back here.

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Preeto says that we are in this problem only because of you people. So you have to do this again and again till this matter will get resolved. Maninder gets angry and shouts Surbhi’s name. Here Surbhi is standing in front of the mirror. She is recalling all the memories of Soumya di. She is missing her very badly.

Shakti 18th October 2016 Written Update Episode 107:

Here Kareena didi brings food for Soumya and makes her to eat that food. Soumya is feeling so good. Here Varun is coming in Harman’s room where Surbhi is only present in the room. He says to her that I am ready to marry you even in the situation if you are a kinnar. Surbhi says that I am already engaged and will get amrried soon. Varun is trying to stop her but she gets angry.

Here Rani and Raveena are coming there and talks to Preeto about Soumya. They are saying to Preeto that this stranger man will do your work. We will meet there with Soumya and you will come there with a money. Preeto says to them that I will come there but you make sure that you will complete this work before the completion of Navratra’s.

Shakti 18th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Harman and Surbhi are making a plan to bring Soumya back to home. Rani and Raveena are trying to do friendship with Soumya just to use her in their plan. After some time, Mallika gets so much money in Rani and Raveena’s almira. Mallika is getting angry and she asks everyone about the money.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam in today’s episode varun says to surbi that he loves her and he pointed that if your also a gay like your sister that s no matter I love you and I accept you how you are .we fans feel that what varun said is correct and he proposed is love truly .varuns character is changed but is love is true .but Harman search sowmya and he want to save her and bring her back and send her with nimmi why Harman dint say once also that he truly love sowmya and he want her once also he dint prove his love why? Harman accept s sowmya right once also he dint realise his love before he accept. how varun openly speaks with surbi and say his love why Harman is not saying like that when he thinks about sowmya in room then also he ones also dint say that he can’t live without sowmya. please answer for this question s will surbi accept varuns love will she marry varun ?as fans wish .will surbi take revenge with preeto ?why still Harman did not no about preeto and is master plan ?will Harman take revenge with his mother preeto and teach her a lesson ?it is must Harman should teach a lesson to his mother preeto because she dont no another mothers pain and harak sign must stand for sowmya if Ravi is in sowmyas place then will he do like this. add some sentiment s between harak sing and sowmya we fans accept this .sanaya mam I want answer for these questions I am waiting for your reply
    Friend ship is Holly
    Don’t make it silly
    Enjoy it jolly and
    Remember me daily

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam if a boy loves a girl he only should say her that he loves her and how much he loves her only he can prove is love
    if a boy and a girl love truly in that any one is in problem only a true lover can feel that pain .
    We fans want to no weather harman loves sowmya or he had only soft conner on her if he truly loves sowmya why he is not saying openly if we love we should say our love to them then only they can understand .please don’t take the story for time pass say some good message that reach the fans and audience which makes us to realise our self
    Love is not a part it is our life let Harman think that sowmya is not a part she his Harmans life
    If tomorrow my life were finished
    With many fun things left to do it wouldn’t matter at all because my love I had you
    This is love let Harman soon realise this
    sanaya mam I waiting for your reply

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