Shakti 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

This serial starts with the scene in which Saya is coming with Soumya from an outside to home. Suddenly, Harak Singh is coming there and asks Saya what happened? What are you doing here? Saya says to her that she forgot the way and that’s why I came here to drop her. Harak Singh says thanks to Saya for helping Soumya. Saya goes from there. After this, Harak Singh says to Soumya that you are not my daughter-in-law, you are my daughter. Soumya becomes so happy after to hear this. Harak Singh says to her that don’t you worry about anything. Here Maninder is talking with his beeji. He says that what will happen when all people will come to know about Soumya’s reality. Beeji says to Maninder that why are you thinking so much. Stop thinking.  Here Raavi is coming in Harman’s room to get some clue against Harman and Soumya. Suddenly, Harman comes there and says to Raavi that what are you doing here? Raavi says that I just came here to clean your room. Harman says to her if you cleaned your in-laws home then you never came here. Raavi feels bad. Soumya also comes there. Harman says to Soumya that why you didn’t take care of your room if nay thief came here then what we do. Raavi goes from there. Soumya says to Harman that you please don’t talk to your sister like this, she is your elder sister. Suddenly, Harak Singh calls Harman Singh (Vivan Dsena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) in a hall room. Harman asks Harak Singh what happened, why you called us here. Harak Singh says to him, have some patience because I have some urgent work with you people. Harman is getting tensed to think all this. After some time, Lawyer is coming there and then says to Harman that I have some important thing for you. Harman asks what? Harak Singh says to him that Lawyer is having an important announcement for you and Soumya Bahu. Lawyer says to all that Harak Singh bought a factor on Harman’s name in July 2014, but now the ownership of this company goes on Soumya’s name from now onwards. All over Harak Singh says that Soumya Soumya Harman Singh is the new owner of this factory. Everyone is getting shocked and upset too. Soumya is feeling bad by thinking that Harak is hoping a lot from her but she is not giving anything to him in return.

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Shakti 19th August 2016 Written Episode:

Harak Singh says to all that this is just a small gift for Soumya from my side. Advocate says to Harak Singh that you are such a great man, so that’s why you did this big job. Harak gets so happy and says yes I am. After this, Harak says that I have one more good news for you people. Preeto says that what? Have you signed any other property on Soumya’s name. Harak Singh no not at all, I just arranged a complete function for the inauguration of this new factory. Preeto takes Soumya inside the room and gives her a new saree to her for this function. Here Harman says to Harak that Soumya will not go there because? Because? Harak Singh asks what? Preeto also comes there and she also asks the same. Harman says to her that I don’t want to see any who looks at Soumya in the function, so that’s why she will not go there. Harak Singh says that in which century you are living now. Preeto also makes him understand. Suddenly, Soumya comes there by wearing Preeto’s gifted saree. But this saree is so heavy.

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