Shakti 19th December 2016 Written Episode 151 Update

Shakti 19th December 2016 Written Episode 151, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya says that you have to marry another girl. Harman says no. After some time when she is coming back. Preeto asks what happened? She says Harman wasn’t getting ready to marry another girl. Preeto asks then what were you doing there yet? She says that I am was trying to make him ready. Preeto scolds her.

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After this, Soumya is going to talk to Harman and says that you are not listening to me. Harman says that I always heard you. From last some days, you are giving a sour soup to me and I drank it without any question. Soumya says why are you saying this? You are not listening my marriage proposal. Click here-> Shakti 16th December 2016 written update

Shakti 19th December 2016 Written Episode 151:

Here Varun is talking to someone and says that I will take a revenge from him at any cost. He is saying that why were you going from here soon? After some time, he says that I am missing you maa and that’s why I take think phone just to talk to you but don’t know, whether you will hear my voice or words or not? But I know very well that you were going from here to leave me here alone only because of this family. So that I ill take revenge from these people.

Shakti 19th December 2016 Written Episode 151:

After some time, Abhishek is coming there at Surbhi’s home where Maninder and all other people welcomes them. Abhishek is sitting there whereas Maninder says to him that how will I say thankyou to you. I know it’s very difficult to accept Surbhi after all of this. But you are ready to do this. I am very thankful to you. Abhishek says that it’s om uncle ji, I understand everything but you don’t behave like this. Surbhi is a good girl.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam how are you I miss you very much .why mam you are not giving reply for fans comments we fans are very much distributed .we fans request you to spend some time for us .

    Sanaya mam what is this preeto tells sowmya to convenience Harman for second marriage that also with surbi .how can surbi and Harman agree for this if they both agree for this then total story will be spoiled then their is no use for their hard work to save sowmya and their is no use of standing for her .the story is like killing sowmya in nife .front of sowmya can Harman live with surbi in another room . the director spoils the relationship surbi and Harman relationship is like brother and sister .and after nimmi surbi is not only sister for sowmya she his also a mother for sowmya how surbi can cheat sowmya .according to the story Harman should accept sowmya and how he convenience preeto and is family to accept sowmya this how story should take place and please answer to fans questions
    The title of the serial is shakthi then which shàkthi is going to help for sowmya and Harman to success their love ?
    This is love story where is love we fans can’t find ?
    Will surbi cheat sowmya and take her place ?
    Will Harman agree to marry surbi can they both live together in another room that also front of sowmya to do like this they can kill sowmya ?
    We fans can’t accept Harman and surbi marriage we want sowmya and Harman love story back please don’t disappoint fans acceptation sanaya mam I am waiting for your reply
    Thank you
    Your loving friend Revathi

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