Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Episode 108 Update

Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 108, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 19 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Rani, Raveena, Soumya, and Mallika are coming to the temple whereas Rani and Raveena are making a call to Preeto to inform her about the Soumya’s location just to implement their plan.

Mallika is coming there and she doubts something wrong near. Here Surbhi and Harman are coming to meet Kostab. Actually, he is an actor. Surbhi and Harman are saying to Kostab to please take kinnar’s avatar for some time. He asks why? Surbhi says that you have to go inside the temple by taking this look because only kinnar is eligible there for taking an entry.

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Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Update Episode 108:

He is not ready to go there. Harman and Surbhi are making a lot of request to him. But he wants so much money. Even Harman already offered a money to him. But that is not enough, that’s why he wants more. Harman gives some more money to him. After this, Kostab says that I am going there only for one hour. Surbhi shouts and says that you are taking advantage of our helplessness.

But after so many efforts, Kostab gets ready to go there for Soumya. Harman says to him that you take this ring because she will trust you only when you show this ring to her. Here Soumya is getting bored. She is thinking about Harman and Surbhi. But here Kostab says to Harman that I will do it at any cost, so you don’t worry. Harman says to him that if you will do this, then I will not leave you.

Here Rani and Raveena are talking to each other. Rani says that when we will get so much money that we will go to an abroad. After this, Rani says that firstly I will go to Shimla. Raveena laughs and says that you mad, Shimla is in India not in abroad. Rani says whatever. But I will go to France after Shimla because my dad was also going there for some meetings.

Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Surbhi and Harman are coming to the temple just to drop Kostab. So that, Kostab is coming in the temple and behaves just like a kinnar. He is about to talk to Soumya. Mallika is coming there and asks him who are you? Kostab is getting shocked. But he is trying to handle the situation. He says that I am coming here to meet Guruma because she did wrong with me. She admitted me in the hostel and never bring me here.

Finally, Mallika accepts Kostab. He tells his name is Kiran. Mallika says to Kareena to put Kiran’s luggage in your room now. Kostab is getting so happy. He starts to talk to Soumya. But Soumya is getting irritated by his touch. Finally, he shows ring to her. Soumya ready to trust him. Here Preeto is sitting in a tension. Harak Singh is coming there and asks here what happened? He also sits with her. They starts to talk to each other.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam we fans have a doubt Harman saves sowmya but he says to is mother preeto that I will find sowmya and I will send her with nimmi we feel that Harman just keep up is promise which he did with nimmi and he also made a promise with his mother preeto that after find sowmya he will come back with her as is son and he also promised sowmya that at any cost he will not live her and he will be life long with her will he keep up his promise which he did with sowmya . preeto is very criminal and harak sing is good hearted person why he also can’t understand sowmya s innocent her love affection and good behavior if Ravi is like that will he do this with her if they accept then only the society will also understand and accept them be an good example for this society .still now Harman don’t no that his mother preeto made him fool and every plan his made by is mother preeto had done.we fans feel that harak sing should accept sowmya and support her and stand for her .surbi should marry varun and Harman should teach a lesson to his mother preeto give some interesting twist in the serial and had some more love in between Harman and sowmya add some sentiment in between harak sing and sowmya add some more affection in between Harman and sowmya this is a love story we fans accept more from Harman. Harman accept sowmya OK . but still now Harman did not think about his love he only thinks that to send sowmya with is mother nimmi we fans are totally confused in this were is love we can’t find sanaya mam I have asked many questions in last 3days but I did not get reply please read that messages and than give your reply . sanaya mam I missed you a lot

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      Hey Revathi.sorry for the late reply dear and your point of view is valuable for us. Firstly, Harman will think the same as you said but very soon he will realize his love for Soumya. Thereafter a spicy story will go on. Just wait and watch for this track.

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