Shakti 1st September 2016 Written Episode 71 Update

Shakti 1st September 2016 Written Episode 71 Update  on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Preeto goes to Saya’s room and gets shocked to see Soumya’s pictures in her room. Saya is getting silent and doesn’t give any answer to her. Preeto forces her to get an answer for her question. Saya says to Preeto that I like your daughter-in-law, she is so beautiful. So that’s why I posted her picture in my room. Even though your daughter-in-law also likes me. Preeto asks what do you mean? Saya says that I am getting so upset because I didn’t see Saya from last so many days, so that’s why I always look at her picture when I miss her. Preeto says that I know why are you roaming here and there of my daughter-in-law because you want to sack my home via Soumya. Even you provokes my bahu against Harman. So that’s why she is not giving permission to Harman to come to near her. So that I will register a complaint in police station. Saya says that I am silent, it doesn’t mean that I am in fault. Preeto says to her that you have to leave this village now. Saya says that I will leave this village after 4 days not now. But Preeto forces her again and again.

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Shakti 1st September 2016 Written Episode 71:

Preeto asks why you likes her? Saya says she belongs to my society. Preeto asks what are you saying? I am asking why are you saying all this? Saya says your bahu is kinnar. Preeto gets shocked and shouts loudly. Saya says to Preeto that you just wait and watch for the morning time then I will prove that Soumya is  kinnar. Preeto says ok I will come back in the morning. Preeto gets angry and then catches Saya neck in an anger. Here Nimmi gets scared very badly and thinks that Soumya is in trouble. Surbhi is giving an emotional support to her and says that we will talk to Soumya in the morning by making a call to Harman. Saya says that I am getting so scared by hearing all this. But this is truth and nothing else. Preeto says you are telling a lie because if this is true then Soumya didn’t get marry to Harman. But she got married to Harman, so that she is not a kinnar. Saya is trying to make her ready to believe on this. But Preeto is not ready to believe on this. Saya says that you just wait for the morning time and then I will prove this. Preeto says I will wait for the morning time and if you will prove wrong.

Shakti 1st September 2016 Written:

Here Nimmi makes a call to Harman. Soumya sees the phone but unable to operate it because she doesn’t know how to operate. Harman comes there and he asks Soumya that you don’t know how to operate the phone. Soumya says that I don’t know how to use and please don’t laugh on me. Harman says I never laughs on you because I respect your simplicity and innocence. Here Preeto slaps Maninder and makes a plan against Soumya.

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