Shakti 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 20th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Soumya is giving a tea to Harman. He tastes and says there is no sugar in this tea. Soumya tastes and says that tea is having sugar. Harman says you tasted it, so it got sweet because my gulabo’s lips are also very sweet. After this, they hear Dholak’s sound and then comes down-stairs to see what happened?

Some people from Gurudwara are coming at Harak’s home and then, they start to serve a Prashad. Then the Raavi is coming in the front to take the Prashad. But they deny to give a Prashad to her because she is a daughter of this house, their main motive is to give  Prashad to daughter-in-law of this house only because she is a goddess of this house.

Shakti 20th January 2017 Written Update:

So that, Soumya is going to take a prashad. But that man denies for giving a Prashad to her by calling her incomplete. Everybody gets shocked. Read more->  Shakti 19th January 2017 written update. Harman comes there and asks what do you want to say? He replies that Soumya is not wearing any mangal sutra in her neck then what type of suhagan she is?

Preeto snatches Surbhi’s mangal sutra and makes it wear in Soumya’ neck by saying that she forgot her mangal sutra in the kitchen. That man gives a Prashad to her and then Harak Singh gives 1 lakh rs. cheque to them as a donation for celebrating Lohri function. All people are getting so happy. Therefore, Preeto snatches a mangal sutra from Soumya and returns it to Surbhi.

Shakti 20 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Here Soumya is crying a lot by thinking that she is incomplete and that’s why she lost all feelings, emotions, and relations. She cries a lot. Harman comes there and asks her that I know why are you crying? Soumya looks on. Harman says I know, Preeto took mangal sutra back from you and that’s why you are crying now. But I don’t want to see you like this, let we go and purchase seven mangal sutra’s for seven days of the week.

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