Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode 131 Update

Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode 131 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Harman and Preeto are talking to each other about Soumya. Preeto says that I am getting shocked to see you with Soumya. She will never become a mother then how will we get our grandchildren. Harman says I am your son and you are the first person for whom I will leave everything. But now Soumya, she doesn’t have any place to go there. Please try to understand.

Chachi is coming in between and says that wow, you people are announcing your own decision, what about my Mahi. I will never do her marriage in this house when you think she is a baby born machine. I will do her marriage in that home where people love her and like her.  Harman says that, Mahi will take this decision not you.

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Harman asks Mahi what happened? What are you thinking now. Chachi comes there and says that she won’t marry you. Mahi says I will marry Harman but I have one condition and that is, you will burn this sweater if you doesn’t love her then you will burn this sweater. Harman says that I will never burn this because I have one special relation with Soumya, so that’s why I will never burn it. Apart from this, I make a promise to you, Soumya will never come in between us.

Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode 131 Update:

Mahi says that I love you from my childhood days, so that I want to marry you but Soumya is already in between us. I won’t become your wife to get you name or body. I want to marry you to get real love or life partner. Mahi is about to slap Soumya but Harman stops her from doing this. He says that I will never give you this right to slap Soumya. Mahi gets angry and says that I will never marry you.

Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Mahi is going to leave the house. Chachi is trying to stop her but she is not ready to hear anything. Varun says that I will drop her via car. She says you don’t worry, I will go via bus. He says you don’t worry, I will drop you at the bustand. Mahi says bye to all and then goes from there. Chachi makes so many bad comments on them. Harman is going to upstairs. Harak Singh to Harman that why are you not ready to understand, you break all the relations only for one relationship.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam how are you had your dinner sanaya mam why your not responding our comments every day I give my comments and I wait every day for your reply please don’t hurt me .

    Sanaya mam today’s episode was nice we fans cant understand Harman character he blindly believes preeto and yes sowmya is a gay OK but she is Harmans wife and she truly love Harman but Harman say S front of sowmya that I will marry you mahi but sowmya will stay In this house why Harman is not thinking that words will hurt sowmya Harman killed sowmya and Harman knows that sowmya loves him every much than also he is saying that he is friend for sowmya and he have only soft conner on her.if Harman can’t realise sowmya S love than their is no use of savings her and standings for her we fans feel very bad to see the serial because when sowmya knows about her truth from than still now sowmya is crying and every one hurts her no one is ready to accept sowmya .yes Harman stands for her but he is saying that saving sowmya his duty for a argument also he is not saying that sowmya is wife .than when the director will give what we fans want
    We fans kindly request the director to show us how Harman accept sowmya how he call an go to hospital and give treatment for sowmya give some good message s teach us some goodthiinks .
    Sanaya mam we can’t feel anything in the serial their is no love sentiment affection soft conner romance in between Harman and sowmya in many comments I told that we fans want Harman and sowmya love back their is no energy I the story their is no pepper and salt give sprit to Harman and sowmya love .please read this message and give your reply I am waiting for your reply .
    Your loving friend revathi

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      @Revaythi Thanks for sharing your views here. You can watch it continuously and then you will get more interesting turns. Just wait and watch dear. Apart from this, Harman will never leave Soumya.

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