Shakti 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 133 Update

Shakti 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 133 Update, written update on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Harman is coming in the kitchen and prepares a tea for Soumya. Preeto is coming there and says that Harman that you are not living in their room comfortably. Then, what happened? Why are you bringing her here? Harman says that I brought her because she is my wife. So I am happy with her. She didn’t sleep comfortable in her room today.

So that I came here to prepared a tea for her because I can’t accept anything from my family. Preeto says whatever let me prepare a tea. Harman says no, let me prepare my own tea for my Soumya. She is my responsibility and I will take care of her. Here Harman is coming in a room with a tea and offers it to Soumya by saying that I made it first time. So you just take a sip and tells me how is it.

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Soumya says tea is so nice. Even I woke up in the night 2 or 3 time. So I saw that you didn’t sleep properly last night only because of me. Harman says that I was there only for your safety because you wasn’t ready to leave my hand. So that I stood there only for your happiness. Soumya says you are so nice and good. You can do so much for me.

Harman says that you was saying so many times like I am so nice and good. So please tell me how good I am. Soumya says that every time, father is good for daughters but I am not saying anything this time. You are good just like as my mother. I never compare you with anyone because you are so good, you are like a god for me.

Shakti 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 133 Update:

Harman and Soumya are coming in the hall room whereas Preeto is getting shocked  to see them together. She says to Harman that whatever you are doing here, you are not doing right. So that I want to say something to you. Harman asks what? Preeto says that I have a condition that either I will stay here or Soumya will stay here.

Harman says that you don’t worry, I will go outside with Soumya and will never come back. Preeto and Harak Singh are getting shocked to see this. Let see what will happen next in the show. Will Preeto stop Harman from leaving the home? Will Harak Singh take some step. Just tuned with us to know latest news.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had your dinner
    Sanaya mam todays episode was was very very nice Harman fights for sowmya with is mother preeto but why Harman always say that sowmya is his responseable and she his Harman’s friend that also OK preeto hurts sowmya with rude words and always she take hand to slap sowmya but harak sing his a good hearted person but he also not having softconner on sowmya we fans feel that some were love affection sentiment is missing in the story .and still now Harman don’t no that because of preeto only nimmi died and sowmya was kidnapped by preetos plan in every problem s behind there is preeto s master plan than when will Harman come to know the truth .
    In the up coming story we saw in the updates that preeto plan to sperate Harman and sowmya by a fake dram .than when we fans going to see that Harman will find the truth of preeto and teach a lesson to preeto and when Harman will open his mouth and say that he love s sowmya and she his wife for him .and again and again separating Harman and sowmya it is not so interesting .
    We fans say our opinions in the comments you should read that an know what we fans want to see and if Harman got married with another girl than who will be the pair for sowmya than no use of supporting sowmya and standing for her .please we fans kindly request you to the story line correctly it is little confuse so please read this message and give your reply I am waiting for your reply
    Your loving friend revathi

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