Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode 134 Update

Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode 134 Update, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Maninder calls the owner of his house and talks to him about to leave this house as soon as possible. He says that now Nimmi is no more and this house makes us remember about her again and again. So that we have decided to go to the Jalandhar. After some time, Surbhi is coming there and says to an owner that I won’t go anywhere.

Bebe comes there and says to an owner that she is a small and not able to take any decision. Then, the Owner is going from there. Surbhi says to Maninder that I won’t go anywhere, I will live here and will pay rent on my own. I will be not coming with you people. Maninder says that I am going from here tomorrow and if you want to live here then you can.

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Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode 134 Update:

Here Soumya is sitting in her room. Raavi is coming there and starts to comments Soumya very badly. She says to Soumya that I feel that I am not a woman because of only you. As you are not a woman and after that, my brother is keeping here with love and care. But look at me, I am a woman and after that, my husband is not keeping me with him. I am feeling alone here without my child and husband. So here I am bringing some toys with which my baby was playing. Still, I love these toys. But you doesn’t have any motherly feeling, so you have to throw these toys outside.

Suddenly, Harman is coming there and says to Raavi that I know you are in a pain but you don’t worry, I will bring your child back here. You just have a faith in me and I will do something good for you. Ravi says that wow, you are looking so concerned for Soumya and not thinking about your family. You are closing your eyes in just Soumya’s love. Harman says to Raavi that you just go from here.

Preeto comes there and claps. She says that wow, you are ignoring your family members only for this  Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. She scolds Harman very badly and says to him that why are you doing this? Harman says that You just go from here because I don’t want to talk with you anymore. Preeto feels so bad and says that how dare you talk to me like this first time.

Preeto is coming downstairs and starts to throw all the things here and there. Harman and Soumya are also coming there. Preeto says that Preeto and Soumya won’t live here in the same house. But I will not live here with Soumya. She starts to throw an oil on herself just to burn herself. Harman takes a knife and says that I will cut my nerve if you won’t stop this drama.

Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Arjun cuts his nerve finally. Preeto is getting shocked and gives the first aid to Harman. She is crying a lot. She says to all to call a doctor here because my son is paining. Harman says to Preeto that maybe you believe that I love you a lot. Preeto cries and says that, still Soumya in this house. I have a condition that if Soumya will live here and if I will stay here. Now you may decide. Harman says that I got married to Soumya with all rituals and customs. So that I am going to leave this home with Soumya forever.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had your dinner
    What sanaya mam in previous comments I asked you that will surbi take sowmya s place you said that surbi will not take sowmya s place and she will not marry Harman and you told that Harman will find preetos thruth and he will punish preeto and accept sowmya as wife and now you are telling that surbi will marry Harman and keep sowmya with him what his this rubbish
    Sanaya mam please send this message to the director this is kind request from fans and audience .
    1)what is the meaning for Tu Mari kudha song that song was played for Harman and sowmya love story.
    2)Today when Harman holds sowmya s hand come out setha RAM song was played .will RAM ji for get setha and marry another girl .
    3)if Harman marrys surbi wether he can live his life with surbi that also front of sowmya in another room it is like killing sowmya in nife.
    4)Harman and surbi fights for sowmya and save her from the goons and they brought her back what is the use if they both marry it his cheating sowmya
    5)sowmya loves Harman and she want to live with him for life long but Harman also can’t understand sowmya s feeling Harman did not feel sowmya s love then no use of saving her he always tell that sowmya is responseable and she says that sowmya is my friend to hurt her like this Harman can kill sowmya
    6)Nimmi died after this surbi is every thing for sowmya .surbi is not only sister for sowmya she is mother for sowmya .
    7)Harman and surbi relationship his like brother and sister .will any brother marry is sister will surbi agree to marry harman .the director spoils every relationship in the serial we did not accept this
    8)Harman is hero of the serial still now he can’t find preetos thruth .and preeto is planning to separate sowmya and harman now also Harman did not find preetos plan than Harman is not fit to be hero he is zero .
    9)Harman cut is hand and proves that he love his mother preeto very much but still now Harman did not prove his love
    10)what is the moral of shakthi serial .
    We fans have more questions but it is the must the director should answer fans questions separating harman and sowmya it is not fair we fans can’t accept this nowadays the gays are marrying and they lead their life happily their are still good guys in this society who give respect for gays who understand them what I said her is not lie it is true if you want to check you can check in Internet. presently a boy married a gay that also love marriage and he said this to this society proudly this also you can check in Internet
    Please don’t irritate the fan the director thinks that he is give interesting twist not at all .already the story is going very bore .please don’t take the story rubbish.
    We want Harman and sowmya back if the director is smart he will catch fans point .

    Sanaya mam it is the must you should send this message to the director and give your answer briefly .
    Thank you
    Your loving friend revathi

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